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  1. Not sure why the water is doing this. Maybe cause of the ladders? Reminds me of when I was a kid and after drinking milk seeing how far to the ground you can get your spit to dangle. LOL
  2. Out of the 5 plants there, the lowest yeild score out of them is 89.6 How is this possible? The temp is even a bit higher than these plants like. Could it be that the water which was spilled on the ground here not to long ago gave them Irrigation boost?
  3. The WALL

    because you seem to go threw it quite quickly, and i like to save it for my pipes.
  4. I feel like Donald Trump with the way this is looking currently in its construction. But its to keep the hot air out, not the Mexicans So I have about at least a dozen cycles of algae and food, so I am trying something, Building a massive wall 2 tiles thick of sandstone insulated tiles around my whole living area i'm gonna need before I start to clutter up the area with the machines. LOL
  5. yea i get the introduction of new heat can bring it up again, what i was asking for is after i get my main living area blocked off, im using insulated tiles, and then normal granite tiles up against that to kill the bad decor effect. But anyway, yea once my living area is blocked off like this with the walls, i was thinking of putting those hydro fans in each corner and letting the 4 dups only do that for a few cycles to get the overal avg temp down.
  6. Just want to ask, does this machine actually cool the air around it, or does it just push the hot air away without actually lowering the larger scope temp avg? For example, while its in use, the temp near it goes down yes. But will that temp just move back when its un manned? Or will it over time, actually cool a room off in full?
  7. Just to add to this a bit, I know its prob a bit diff, but deliver on the coal should be not a delivery system as that job, but a deliver that is managed from the jobs column of power role task. and for other delivery comments, thinks like the deodorizer that spits out clay, should store the clay in them so that you don't need a special container set to 4 or less priority so the guys set to sweep are not wearing a grove in the floor from all the trips.
  8. so heres a screen clip showing that fridge does indeed not get the sterile trait. Which is why I was starting this topic of ration box sterile or powered fridge as the better option.
  9. Is there a way to make power only go 1 way threw an object besides the transformer? I want to have various battery only supply power to 1 object but receive charge from any source. having a 2x3 ugly object for this is very impractical.
  10. Would it be possible to take the material of the type of material your using from how it looks pre dug, and do a overlay or screen blend of it with the constructed blocks texture, so we can visually see which are which substance?
  11. So, ive noticed some blocks like abs, seem to start at some temp, seems to be tied into the temp of the raw material. but not exactly that. I had some that i had in storage a 6000kg stack that said -9 deg. but building an insulted wall out of it was +15 deg. When building walls or structures in areas, do these slow to change temp materials affect the area around them? Also, if your trying to create a wall that will keep one side very cold, and the other not cold. what is the best way to do this? I have been trying to use abs or granite insulted tiles 2 thick along the rim of the ice binome to try and maintain its integrity, but not sure if this increased starting block temp of the insulation tiles is worse than the single digit neg temp of the tiles i am replacing.
  12. I have noticed if you are using pipe bridge, the water outlet can end up submerged but yet wont stop dripping water, not sure if its cause a bridge is on the line what so ever from the next inline machine, or if its a certain pipe links away. I noticed this cause i use an outlet and use the auto pipe blocked trait of the outlet to not over flow my air lock hatches. but when using the bridge, it never seems to stop dripping. Edit: I was setting up an example to show screenshot, and i guess it does stop, only seems to have to be 1 tile lower than normal, mabye cause of the fact the bridge can push through 10kg of water forcing the output to be to much.
  13. how come some of your fridges have solid doors? ive never seen this in game.
  14. when i did it it was in the ice binome and i had ration boxes first setup, then when I unloced fridges, I dismantled a ration box and put a fridge there, was not refegerated or sterile, but the ration box in the same spot was. I will try again and make sure its in heavy CO2. But this is typically the food storage I set up after I get my wheat farms going. I pump all my CO2 from a filter into this room, and any excess buildup flows over the walls down to the scrubber that is right beside the only way in, so it cant fall down into my base very easily. Making it so no CO2 can get out from any side access, and no other gases can get introduced.
  15. when you say to use abyssalite pipes, does it matter if they are insulated? or does it matter?