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  1. i have had this happen more than once, not sure why it happens. here's a set of shots of my systems, there is no fluid lines to show. I built a copper mech airlock so I could open and close the floor to let stray gas get to the pump. But I forgot to check if it was on a power line and it also ended up being on my batterys automation line as well, so it was blinking open and close non stop. Upon taking it apart, it spawned in 2 raw copper tile blocks you can mine at 200kgs each. ok so 400, same as the door, no issue. but on the left block it spawned, it also dropped 400kgs of copper from the door being taken apart, so I just generated 400kgs of copper out of nothing somehow. doing it again does not always produce the result, so not sure the cause. have had this happen taking apart doors in the past, usualy only when in the horz orientation.
  2. Just noticed a bunch of my guys that are not allowed to leave the main area and have absolutly nothing to do but run on the treadmill all ran on it at the same time at the start of the day.
  3. I cant seem to find a way other than using transit tubes to stop the puffs from either getting out or trapped in the closed door, when the dups are CONSTANTLY going in and out to pickup the tiny little gram piles of slime even though i have sweepers in there. I have tried to let it go only 1 way, but then the dups cannot get in there to groom the pufts. I am not sure if this is more of a suggestion issue to make the ai better, or if the critters are getting threw the open door set on auto use cause they tend to hang out near the doors. in my setup bellow, the 2 blocks missing at the bottom were where the door was they kept getting stuck / escaping from. In the process of removing the doors now and putting one at the top where the O2 is collecting, thinking they wont go up there and stay in the PO.
  4. [Game Update] - 260388

    ya thats my hunch, but before the update the sweeper would do it even if a dup was on the way to do it, making the dup just drop the item after the sweeper did it 1st. I havent tried to make the rooms with the machines and arms blocked for no access allowed to see if it works better, ill try here now. Locking the dups out for the critter feeders seems to work fine and quick loading. But not sure whats up with the coal gen. seems to load it at some random value when its very low, no matter how high I set the load on % of the generator. I think it really sucks if they made the sweeper part of the task array as in dups can trump a sweeper now causing it to just sit there. Sweepers no longer seem to reach threw air / mesh tiles wonder if this is intended, or part of the bug.
  5. [Game Update] - 260388

    after reloading the save a few times and watching it, they work just fine it seems to load compactors, but they dont seem to work reliably for loading machines.
  6. [Game Update] - 260388

    i had my sweepers work for a few seconds sometimes but for the most part, ya they dont do anything. At least they dont consume power when not sucking. Just saw it had update qued. Now my sweepers are working just fine LOL, ok, after I tabbed out to edit the comment that they are working, they no longer are working HAHA.
  7. Auto-disinfect on floors.

    I would like my guys with high athletics to be able to do supply runs and sweep runs in heavy slime/polution areas I have set to exo suit only. But then they tend to tie up all my suits and time spraying mist at things. being able to drag an area similar to how the allow auto harvest works for disinfect is a MUST! have i really dont wanna spend the effort clicking every tile, wire, ladder and wall in this heavily toxic area I am just trying to get estabilished, so its very slow going only letting 1 guy have access who can dig and build since i only have 4 dups, so i need them all helping out on the main bases tidy needs. ESPECIALLY when you have outhouses, if tidy is turned off, a dup would rather make a mess than un clog a toilet hes standing at. That task should be opperate class I think. heh.
  8. Every single night, a dup wakes up and goes to this far outhouse but has 2 lavatory's closer that are avail. I like to keep one outhouse at the compost just in case my pipes are backed up or lose power to the water pump. In this image, I will also report, dups only use the bottom shower it seems when they use that lavatory, ive seen some just standing tehre waiting to use t he top one, this seems to happen when all dups want to shower in the morning.
  9. I would assume you are not allowed to do this, because you cannot build the heavy wire on top a mech airlock, but you can build the airlock on top the heavy cable.