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  1. The crash you posted is caused be the "AMD Inc. Radeon DirectX 11 Driver" (aticfx64.dll) Check if maybe an driver update or downgrade helps your case.
  2. Antivirus Programs also like to Block ony. I tested so far Kaspersky and AVG and both prevent ONI from accessing the Appdata Folder. (AVG even without telling the user <.<*)
  3. Beside that the exclusive gate only is activ while ETHER Signal is on: Like with an or gate you have the benefit that the green signal of one source dosn't backwash to the other line. otherwise it could falsify other automations (like counters, other gate etc)
  4. I support this. Also: How about making it an option in the setting menu? It is not like we have to many options atm.
  5. Has someone a GIF or Video from the new Stuff. I'm still locked into work for 6 hours...
  6. Yes please. It could solve many problems. Best if you can freely mix the conditions. In honesty i would like a mini harvest moon farming style: The more conditions you supplement the more yield you get. The longer you keep the conditions fulfilled the higher the quality. (+to moral combines in cooking; caped of course at +2 i would say; reset not instand but fast; in example: +0,1 Quality per cycle/ -1 Quality per cycle per missing condition) This way we may get also the possibility to learn all jobs IF we manage to provide extra luxurious food
  7. OMG finnaly. Atmosuits that can be made of stuff that dosn't meld in lava....
  8. I can't since i'm currently playing with mods. But the way is relativ simple. Sent all Dupes beside one into a room with doors. Set the doors to only Entry. Then tell the remaining dupe to remove the tubes. Because the Problem is triggered autmatically when too many dubes go through on tube. (It goes into "low energy mode" and aborts all pathes through it) For now i suggest water locks for pressure locks with exo suits. (Somehow "not enough atmo suits" do not seem to trigger the error)
  9. @FollowStrong Many of the crashes are related to path invalidation. Atumated doors and the Tube Network seem to be the main issue
  10. @xcube It seems that sweepers and automatic doors can have the same issue if the dupe is trying to collect something. I think the problem lies by the multi threating of the pathing. If the target or the path gets "voided" be something (tube network, closed door etc) it will currently crash (sometimes?).
  11. I seem to have found the source of this CTD: It happens when you deactivate or deconstruct or otherwise obstruct the tube network. Seems that the multithreated pathfinding dosn't like when the path through a tube is removed. I was able to "solve" it be locking down all but one dupe and then deconstruct the tube network.
  12. Are there more then two new Buildings or are it just the water cooler and Arcade?
  13. I would prefer if Saving the Camera was set to STRG and Jumping to Shift. You Jump more often than you save and most RPS us STRG to Save Unit Groups. Is it rebindable?