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  1. Wasn't this fixed in the last patch? Or just improved?
  2. Might be one of the Mods that im using that fixes it.
  3. Can't you still train science with the observatory? After the last destination it is still used and should also give science points?
  4. One of the main problem with space is that any failed attempt costs quite a lot of ressources and far much more time to fix. And if you try to "hotfix" the problem you often make it even worse
  5. Did you try to put it into water? Like one tile deep?
  6. Has someone a GIF or Video from the new Stuff. I'm still locked into work for 6 hours...
  7. Rocket Refueling Automation

    Also a good way. I use Isulation for the last pipe segment from my liquid tank to the rocket. That way i don't even need loops. (I also reuse the co2 from the rockets so i have to shield the lox anyway)
  8. Rocket Refueling Automation

    You can with isulation instead of ceramic
  9. I use 4 automated ethanol distiller as an simple idle occupation. The distiller have an endless tank + Petro Gen automated by 10 Smart batterys (1 min 5 max) The wheels are set to Prio 1 and 99% Battery Charge. Whenever my dupes have nothing else to do they run to the wheels -> charge the battery and provide me with nice "free" energy. (Or an longterm Energy storage in form of Ethanol, based on your view point) , Wood is provided with wild Trees. P. Dirt feed to our Crab Friends (wild), sand is feed to hatches (wild), Co2 should be feed to slickster but im procrastinating on that point. (Reached 237 kg per tile in my distiler room *cough*). Heat could be recycled with an Steam generator but if you route the ethanol through the room it cools them enough (if the wood is "cool") Ethanol is maybe not the best energy cycle but it is an nice way to save energy overproduction without idle lose.
  10. Maximum attribute level

    Max stat Level is 20 All modifieres add or substract from that "max" (a dupe with only interest of digging starts @ digging 7 and ends with digging 27, if you add the skills he can reach 33 if you add exosuit 43 usw.) P.s there is a mod to remove the skill cap
  11. Latest on pipes and FPS

    Piping has far less impact if you have more CPUs. Its one of the things that got (thankfully) multithreaded. The problem is if you have many Headsources and many cooling sources. In Example: A cooling loop that constantly cools your generators a little is worse then an cooling loop that only activates ones every 20 cycle and brings your gens down be 10°. Full vacuum seems to help but milligram areas are far worse (little heat input changes the temp a lot) Hopefully the next update takes so long because they want to fix the Conveyer multi threading. This frees more ressources for the rest of the game. (if you have enough CPUs ;)) SO basically it is not the piping that is your problem it is the interactions of the content of the pipes that causes the lag.
  12. The moving down element is a problem but the cooling is possible. You can put the miner on a wall with a 1 tile depression with a little bit of super coolant (or petro) on the tile. then you can just cool the tile with a pipe. The room needs to be a vacuum. This is a nice way for vulcanos. Add a tempshift plate out of lead (it melts and provides the conductivity) soyou also can transfer the heat of the piles of igneus
  13. Well it would be nice if we had any Indikator WHEN the next update comes out
  14. Well you can fill your great hall with them and shine bugs. Reach over 2k decor and you don't have to decorate much else
  15. Dense Puuft and storing the oxylite somewhere (example 1 tile storage where it lies on ground) Tons of oxylite that you can use for midrange rockets or for easy oxy Distribution