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Assign Emergency Priority State

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I have found many times I put repairs or jobs at full 9, and the dups dont treat it as important.

Especially for repair tasks.

I have watched for several cycles in a row on double speed the job never get done, but it says assigned job, waiting for worker.

But every time, if i set the broken item to a deconstruct someone instantly rush's over to take it down.

then when I assign the build order on putting it back, again someone instantly comes.

But when you are in the late game and got SO!!! much going on, it would be nice to have a do this now state.

So the idea is it can only be on 1 game task at a time.

Then no matter what, it will be the next thing done if someone is capable of doing it.

such as maybe building that door, or un-tombing a dup, or flipping a switch, ect....

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3 hours ago, vovik said:

Priority 9

ya but if you had been using that as your super important stuff, they get tied down.

I would be easier to use priority 9 if the default priority was not 5 on everything, as such, looking at it as 8 being the highest if you are treating 9 as my emergency now setting, then you also have to make sure you take the 9 down to 8 or lower after they do it as your emergency intended 1 off priority.

Reason I thought of this was because I set my doors and coal generators and algae air makers at 9.  But if you have a handful of sweep or build orders at 9 to, they seem to totally ignore putting coal or algae in the machines.

I tend to not use anything lower than 5 unless its to do with automation, cause i find the dups tend to rather stand idle quite often than do 1 - 4 rating tasks.

Also, the 1 off only 1 at a time emergency state priority could act like red alert for the 1 dup only assigned to do that, so they wont say, ahh, ill drop this item or only build this half way cause i feel peckish or kinda got to pee.

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