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  1. Related to or duplicate of ...
  2. In the current build, it is not possible to select food item from a refrigerator any more. This was possible in OC. For example, if a refrigerator contains several items and one of them is contaminated or nearly rotten, it was possible to select it and then press "Compost" to take it out of the fridge and have it taken to compost or to another fridge for decontamination. This should work again, otherwise it will be nearly impossible to separate contaminated or stale food from fresh, non-contaminated food.
  3. 0.73 Hatchling eggs If I put it into incubator, will 0.73 Hatchlings hatch out of it?
  4. It's probably a coincidence that it crashed for you when building a gas bridge. I've also had one crash to desktop yesterday and I did change pipes at that time, both liquid and gas. The game was running for several (many?) hours although mostly paused. At the time of the crash I was too tired to make a bug report...
  5. I also have the impression that gases can disappear even without wheezworts. I've (also) noticed many ice biomes with very low pressure of CO2, so low that sleet wheat won't grow. And it seems that the pressure is going down even if there are no wheezworts in the particular enclosed space. I'm not sure though...
  6. Thank you for the workaround ... how did you find it? Oh, I see his status is "Ranching"...
  7. I think this was the case all the time, just now the rate has changed, it converts far too fast. If a dupe carrying slime with germs only runs through the base, the base gets severely contaminated.
  8. I've run into "2) Nobody cleans toilets" as well. Increased priority from 8 to 9 - still nothing. It has something to do with individual priorities and how job assignment changes them. Then I've assigned one dupe to "Groundskeeper" training and suddenly they started to clean toilets - but not only that dupe, others did it as well.
  9. Few cycles later, Abe has finished Gofer training and was about to start Courier training. Interesting, at that point Marie's digging skill was again 13!
  10. After a while, Marie has completed the "Gofer" training. Unfortunately, her strength is still 2 and her digging 3. At least her fitness did improve to 5. Let's see what Courier training can do for her.
  11. PS: After finishing the "Apprentice Digger" training, Marie can dig again Then she was sent to Gofer training to gain some strength. Oh, no! Her digging skill is greatly underappreciated again - only 3 points! Look how she frowned after taking the cap
  12. Marie has just finished her education and training as "General Engineer" Her digging skill is 10 The next education she shall get is Miner. She is suggested in the list because of her high digging skills. But after she is accepted as "Apprentice Miner", she has immediately lost her digging skills - they are now 0 (zero)! After taking the hat and a brief happy dance, she shows a sad face. Perhaps she has realized that all of her skills are not worth a pence now. Now the stats show "Marie's Digging skills: 2" That's just too sad.