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Guys, help! They are trying to chop ME!

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EDIT: Well, F it... Spiders got me. -.-I am currently being followed by TWO Optimus Pines (don't even ask...) and have less than 10 health left! I am running around the fire, desperate to survive. I am playing as Wolfgang. How to escape the beasts?!?!? (I have 0 pinecones... and absolutely no way to make the pan flute... HALP MEH!!!

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OMFG. I am SO LUCKY!! I live in a pig village (I really like their company...) and when the guys woke up, they started beating on the Optimus Pines!!! THEY SAVED MY LIFE!!!!!!But I still need to heal... D:And one of the Pines is still lurking around, looking for pigs to kill... at the first sign of me chopping something down, he'll get me.

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