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Someone finally ruin the klei dedicated server

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Its probably not related to the players but to the game itself, in very long lasting public games a lot of stuff starts to accumulate on the ground which steadily overloads the server's memory. Same happens if they do a large molefarm, or a highly efficient spider grinder and they never collect the loot, beefalo population goes out of hand or spiders infest all the map.

At that point and since there are no admins in those servers you can either try to remove the things that are lagging the game or just reset it. Honestly I don't think those public servers were ever meant to go beyond day 500.

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Ah, similar story of server lag due to overloads of resources. I helped a group of people on a public server do the "bee box challenge", which is build as many bee boxes as we possibly could before day 21. Killer bee hives were set to more so that is why we were able to achieve so many bee boxes (156 of them built at the start of day 21).


I think it was half way to 150 when we started to realize exactly where the "difficulty" in this challenge was, that doing any task during the day was becoming next to impossible. About 20 seconds after the day would begin, little bees would parade out of their boxes in such a large quantity that the server would experience the most extreme lag I've ever witnessed, making moving incredibly difficult. It was like Don't Starve was in a power point presentation or something. Kiting was impossible, attempting to kill the bees as they came out with multiple abigails wouldn't work due to how the bees were not aggroing in groups for whatever reason. 

So, in the end we had to burn it all down, but at least we beat our expectations by 56 bee boxes. At some point someone died with over 200 bees not in their backpack. I'm surprised the server didn't crash but a few people did disconnect and I'm pretty sure the server froze for a minute or two to try and catch up.

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