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So, Klei, how are the maps generated?


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I'm asking this for 2 reasons:

[*]I wanna know the "logic" behind it in a "Mr. Pseudo Code married Mrs. Layman Terms and gave birth to this explanation" kinda way. I want to pick inside the brain of the programmer who designed it. More or less like this...

...our mathemagical algorithm start by placing the first "circle of life" in the middle, and then, randomly places n more circles of varied biomes around it, only to later connect them by paths/bridges...

...only a little bit more specific. I want the gory details behind it, as I would love to someday do something in this line of work; and I'm also sort of a logic nerd.

[*]I wanna know, specifically, if it's build around a magical seed number that we can share around à la Minecraft. (I have a beautiful bridgeless map (as far as I've explored [which is not a lot {that alone says a lot about how great this map is}])

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I would guess that the islands are generated with some sort of graph algorithm... since, you know, it pretty much is a graph... but also for purposes of ensuring no island is completely disconnected. As for the content of each island, I haven't the slightest.

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The method I use is fairly simple and quite rough at the moment - I plan on putting some more work into it Soon; For now, I will describe what we have - not were its going, that can be another post :)

1. Build a list of story items (what is the fiction) that have a key and a lock (so that we know how to order the stories)

2. Build a list of terrain features that can be used by the stories (where the story is taking place)

3. Randomise both lists and generate a graph containing the stories and nodes and the terrain features as sub nodes

4. Throw these randomly on the ground and use repulsion to move them apart (so that the areas don't overlap)


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