Ruins Rush on Public Server

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The day before this game I was in one with four robots who were chanting "ruins rush!" and talking about going on day 5.   As a fellow WX the prospect was enticing, we could all benefit from gears.   In short order though this motley crew started failing even before getting into the caves, one died in the swamp, the rest who knows where else, so I declined to join.


Fast forward to another group talking about rushing ruins, I volunteered to join knowing this would be another disaster but worth a try.    Not a very intimidating looking crew but you never know.   They were ready by day 10, I was ready on day 11 and off we went.   Our guide (I think it was Webber) amazingly already seemed to know where the ruins were, so we got there pretty quickly.   Everyone seem really well organized, we had a base instantly built with all the essentials on the edge of the ruins.   Hmm, definitely no amateurs here.

Naturally the nightmare cycle was almost in full bloom so I suggested we run a bit away from the soon to be shadow monkeys, and this is where the group portrait was taken below.    After a patient wait we went in like crazed vikings with ham bats in tow and decimated the clockworks and stuff spawning from destroyed machines/chess monster corpses.   I had 20 gears and we could barely carry all the loot.    It went so well that I thought why not?   Let's go directly to the maze and kill ancient guardian!   We were all in fine fighting form with plenty of supplies although the ham bats were starting to look a little tired.

This is the juncture in the story where things start to go slightly wrong.  One of our intrepid adventurers decided to anger a few monkeys on the way who decided to follow and pelt us non-stop with feces, what disgusting creatures.  The maze was one of the hardest I've ever been in and there were spiders dropping everywhere, someone yelled out "stop spawning the spiders" and then realized it was the monkeys who were drawing them out.    I got slammed by a group of at least 8 of them and had to run back to the maze entrance to catch a breather after going through 2 armor.   I was also checking to see if we had gone the wrong way but turns out we had gone pretty much the only path to the ancient guardian so I ran back in and finally found the lair.   Heard a commotion at the entrance and the gargling sound of the AG charging around, hmm one player was already dead..(I think it was the Webber who ran in without looking, got ambushed and died lol).    Dropped my backpack (I had no helmets) and went right in with six of those cheap log armor suits left.    The three of us were not coordinating the battle very well, someone suggested cornering it on a pillar.    Player two dies and I'm eating gears like mad, when the hell is this thing going to die?    I run out of armor (I think at this point I'm the last survivor) and am down to 100 health, it's impossible to gobble down gears when you're running and boom, I'm dead.   I could have left and survived for another day but I figured just a few more hits would do the job, so much for that.   We were very prepared..except for all four of us dying.   4 sad looking ghosts..

On a side note, the same crew starts a new private server the next day and we decide to rush the ruins again and do it right this time.   We cleared the ruins, trapped the AG between the four of us (he wasn't even dealing out damage) and knocked him out in literally less than a minute.   Amazing what a little coordination does.  How much non-modified health does the AG have, I thought it was 10,000 but it seems like more then that.




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