achievements in do don`t starve together

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hello, I miss something that always makes me play, and I believe that I'm not the only one who feels this, so I suggest that you put achievements, giving a goal that is beyond survival and causing all players to run behind them. (Ps: I'm Brazilian and I used google translator so I'm sorry for the mistakes)



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E aí cara, tudo bem? Isso é um assunto muito comentado, mas a simples (e talvez triste) resposta é que a Klei não pretende adicionar conquistas no jogo. Eles querem que o Don't Starve/Together seja uma experiência de sobrevivência verdadeira, sem dicas ou conquistas dentro do jogo para te dizer o que fazer, mas até onde sei tem mods que adicionam conquistas.

English: Hey dude, what's up? This is a very discussed topic, but the simple (and possibly sad) answer is that Klei doesn't plan on adding achievements to the game. They want DS/T to be a true survival experience, without in-game tips or achievements telling you what to do, but afaik there are mods that add some.

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