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3 row switch

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So I've been struggling with this for hours

I need an automation circuit that can provide:





I've made a 2 row (which works great) but no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to find a way for 3 row switch.


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My guess is, that since logic is binary, you can only work with exponentials with base 2. (1, 2, 4, 8, etc).

You will end up with more states than 3 in the end. To aggregate 3 states out of them, you will have to group them into 3 even groups, which is first possible with 8196 states (=2^13).


In other words: better stick to clean binary numbers (4).

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31 minutes ago, donutman07 said:

3 D flip flops in a loop, clock input is a switch you can manually toggle, just have to prime the input with 1 'cycle' on value, 2 'cycles' off values.

the outputs of the 3 D flip flops would be the 3 values you seek. anyways something like that

Doesn't work in the game

It definitely needs 3 different inputs though.

I am thinking the output delays can make 3 different inputs

P -> 2 seconds (1+1)

Q -> 4 seconds (2+2)

R -> 8 seconds (4+4)

Gotta go back to the discrete math book I guess



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4 minutes ago, Moggles said:

Are you looking for it to cycle through those three states?

This will work if that is the case. Sorry if I got that wrong though. It looks that way judging by the buffers and loop backs.



Thats amazing, thanks

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