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  1. I don't know if its producing more now than before, but regardless think of it as more of an opportunity than a problem. Free oxygen means less water and electricity spent. Just have to spend some sand instead. Many late game systems revolve around creating polluted oxygen on purpose, so you could also just store this for later
  2. Ive got some water in pipes at -268.2C flowing around in a loop and it is no longer bursting the liquid pipes like it used to Crashpad.sav
  3. how does the steam turbine work? I'm confused. It takes a liquid and outputs a liquid? Steam is a gas so how to give it steam? I tried pumping hot water into it, but no luck there, it just says output blocked even though output is not blocked. I tried surrounding it with steam just in case, but that does nothing as well
  4. this bug has unfortunately made my game unplayable. it just keeps coming back eventually. I have plenty of memory available, about 6GB of 16GB used while the game is in this state. @Kabrute how to turn off pagefile for this game specifically? Seems like it shouldnt be writing to the harddrive during the game anyways with 10GB of RAM still available
  5. loaded my own save, and the dupes resumed normal behavior though
  6. Some of my dupes are now just sitting and waiting to die. They have jobs they could do, they're really hungry and have food they can reach, but they are just standing there. Teleport and move to commands do not rouse them. test.sav
  7. is popped eardrums no longer a thing? My dupes don't seem to be getting it anymore Edit: nevermind just saw one with it. Weird though, I had them running around in high pressure for a while without the affect
  8. I have a setup where dupes are only allowed to shower in the morning with automation. Sometimes the dupes decide they really want to shower anyways. They will stand at the door and wait all day until it opens up again the next day. They ignore move to commands, and if you teleport them they just reappear waiting by the door again. Door on left controlled by timer, opens at 99% for 6%. Door on right is set via permissions to only allow exit. Save game is at the moment pictured. Rustic Dimension.sav
  9. To my surprise it actually does require Sleet Wheat. \ You can see I have plenty of Sleet Wheat Grain, but the berry sludge takes 1/0 Sleet Wheat. I wasn't actually planning to make any of it, but was just curious
  10. Trying out the tubes now. It would be nice if the transit tube access buildings had permissions like doors. Also if they didn't waste power as others mentioned. Given that they do waste power, I setup an automation system with a weight plate and buffers so that they will be powered once somebody walks up to the tube access point. It seems odd that the tube access points lose charge even if nobody is using them. As it stands, constant 480w x2 (if you want to be able to return) is a pretty steep price. I was also disappointed you cannot build the tubes behind buildings, ladders, or fire poles. I don't mind not being able to build through tiles, the tile connector tube building is fine, but, there's no similar solution for other buildings, ladders, or fire poles. You just have to build around them. In its current version, I'm not sure I can find a good use case for the tubes. That said, when fire poles first came out, I had the same reservations, but I use them now that they have been fixed. edit: also it seems the move to command might not work through tubes, but maybe I have my tubes messed up