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So I am trying to build showers in my colony but due to some reason (coldness, wrong installment of pipes etc etc) I have to discard my colony 3-4 times.

While looking on net for it I found that showers are not so important for a colony to live properly.

Is this true?

and can you guys give me some advice on how to keep my colony last 100 cycle and more and more and more.

I really like this game.

I already have very very much food , sometimes lack of oxygen , need to get a nice electricity generator except manual genrator.

Research keeps going on every time

Also when a dupe made mess or something like that how to clean it up???

Toilets and compost are enough but do not know what to do about the dirt once they are full so I just build more.Help with this too please.

Polluted water how to get rid of that too except that bottle emptier (tried that machine that converts polluted water into fertilizer but it did not work

And I completely dont know how get rid of gases IF they come in my base except that gas research that give us pipes to transfer it etc etc

All of these are my problems for now and can any1 tell me a nice base structure (like which machines (like food generating super computer) keep seperated and which in 1 place)

Yeah I know those are really lot of uestions

Alot of thanks to any1 who is trying to help me thanx a lot for your answers.


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there is no set way to play this game. it is best to decide/learn you own preferred methods. i find there is a huge lack of stuff on this forum about non insane, automated bases.. do not think that they all need to be that way! i have 900~hours in this game and iirc the closest to automation ive had is building a single heat switch, only last week~!. i have hardly ever had a colony that needs more than 2 circuits, run either by wheel or coal. (and no, i do not use sploits of haxx or whatever)

my main advice to .. anyone ..who is new to playing this game is to stay off the forums and the wiki and just play.

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1. Smaller colonies last longer. Don't accept all dupes: build up to a stable population you think you can manage, and then stop accepting people.

2. Showers aren't necessary, but they do provide a minor bit of help keeping germs from getting out of hand. I build them because I like being nice to my dupes.

3. Oxygen. Algae de-oxidizers can keep a small colony lasting for hundreds of cycles, but if you want to have a colony of a dozen or more you'll want to upgrade to electrolyzers. This will require some additional infrastructure: in addition to the obvious power and plumbing requirements, electrolyzers produce hydrogen (this will float to the top of your base, where you can pump it out) and heat. Also, replace your terrariums with CO2 Skimmers asap.

4. Heat. Your first concession to temperature should be to install insulation between your base and any caustic biomes/steam geysers it might border. Your second concession should be exploration. Install airlocks and expand outwards and upwards looking for cold biomes. Once you find one, relocate any wheezeworts you find inside your base. Also, build a bunch of granite storage compactors in your clean and dirty water reservoirs (this optimizes the thermal conductivity), and move ice and polluted ice into them. It will take forever for the ice to actually melt but it'll cool down your reservoirs in the mean time, and as you pipe the cold water through your base that will cool that down as well.

5. There's a 'mop' tool on the bottom right for cleaning up messes. To prevent them from occuring, always make sure you have more toilets/outhouses than you need. Also, set outhouses and compost bins to a high priority so the dupes clean them out as soon as they become clogged.

6. Make a reservoir for germy polluted water. Put an airlock between it and your base. Later on you can look at boiling it to kill the germs, and then using the water sieve to clean it. In the mean time, keep a seperate reservoir for germ-free polluted water and sieve that.

7. Polluted oxygen can be cleaned with a deoderizer, CO2 can be removed with a CO2 skimmer, and Hydrogen can be cleaned out with a pump at the top of your base, a gas filter, and a hydrogen generator. For everything else install triple airlocks (or better yet, vacuum seals) before you pierce a new biome so it never gets in.

8. If you need idea's for base design, feel free to take a look at Symmetry


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