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Howi's Dupes and OC Art

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Hello all! I'm an avid O2NI lover (as well as DS+DST). I do art of my escapades every now and then and I hope to be updating this in my freetime! My first go is a drawing of myself in dupe form on a boogie board. I think the boogie board makes it look all official and stuff, like a duplicate PDA. Enjoy!

Catch some more of my stuff over at howikin.deviantart.com, I have a DST thing there.


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22 hours ago, DragonMage156 said:

Your dupe looks really cute! And I'll be sure to look at your DA ^_^

Although you could always make a DS art thread of you decide to share more stuff here.

There! For reference later. And thank you about the dupe!

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