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  1. Hey all! I posted in Oxygen and now I'd like to share my moments over here with you guys. To start off I'm going to post the first scene I drew playing with a friend of mine (Wigfrid) while I was Willow. I call it, Bad Things Happen When Deerclops Rolls Around... Essentially Wigfrid was fighting the Deerclops because I'm a coward. Night hits, she's out of camp and tells me to light a fire. Anywhere. I panic, light a berry bush on fire. Now, this is one of the berry bushes we created a farm with so it spreads insanely fast, catches the camp on fire, and kills glommer.
  2. My buddy is an excellent Wigfrid player. I run around senseless while he kills things attacking me. Thank you! I just felt the instant need to draw it afterwards. xD incredible. You really have to be working at that to do it with Wilson. I apologize for the poor quality of the phone pictures, and the fact that these are just pen sketches I did, but this was one of my solo runs. Everything was going fairly well and... well... you can see what happened.