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It sure does seem to be that if you have the console version then you're left hanging. And that really sucks, not everyone has a PC that they can use for games or that has the capacity to run them properly. I know things take time but 5 months is way toooo long.

Hopefully if this thread gets a good amount of replies then somebody will at least reply.



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So nothing yet huh? Can we at least get a status update or something so we know when the console update can possibly, maybe be expected?  The lack of response on the developers part, on their own site no less, is unfortunate. I like the game, really enjoy playing it but it would be really great to get to use the new stuff. 



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I thought it would go like this months ago - you usually only get only one meaningful patch on consoles and it's abandonware after that when it comes to these smaller developers - console manufacturers charge for certifying updates and small developers usually decide it's not worth it to support their console customers on an ongoing basis - it sucks since these days nothing is ever as good at release as it is a year or so later so console payers have to put up with half a game


And they aren't responding because they have nothing good to say

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