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  1. Can't even create an axe. Game crashes upon even clicking the button. Also im not that huge of a fan of the palette swaps, except for tuber trees, although its probably because its grown on me.
  2. Did they update the songs? Is there anywhere I can hear them?
  3. I know we won’t get all of A New Reign, so this is good. (but pls can we have all of a new reign don’t starve together can keep their events and multiplayer and skins.)
  4. 7th January

    Aporkalypse was on time
  5. Maybe make them all a seperate world for space.
  6. smouldering more like smelly
  7. i believe pausing and unpausing or getting out of the window then getting back in while fix it
  8. [Game Update] - 293625

    does it crossover to main game, because i think it does
  9. New Wapon? [IT IS HUGE]

    yeah the sword is bigger than the player, and twice the size of the original. its also probably gonna be in the forge since we havent seen it yet, and there is unlockable goals by the community
  10. Return of the gorge?

    Is the gorge going to return anytime soon. I didn't get all of the skins and seeing as the forge is returning it makes me think we might be getting the gorge back.
  11. Hamlet Update - October 29

    i’m upset because i want to pay klei
  12. Hi I'm making a dedicated server so my friends can play while im away I've followed all of these tips, but i can't find the server in the host server option I also can't find the startDSTservers.bat file
  13. Mods can’t be used on xbox one unfortunately, but the seaworthy still has the “only shipwrecked compatible mods” bit.