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  1. [Game Update] - 327257

    Everybody talking bout wheeler and Wagstaff, but where’s the iron hulk
  2. the funny anime reference
  3. wait, about the "where he wants to be part" maybe wagstaff was corrupted by the shadows like maxwell and hed be called something else, with the ability to control either shadows or clockworks
  4. wilson on his deathbed gonna be looking like a tree
  5. okay so either whats his name is related to wilson, or its swapped around
  6. okay but were also getting seasonal bosses maybe so yeah thats cool. also KNACK BABY
  7. Probably only if the events return, but it’s likely they would have the skin sets that already exist
  8. These massive updates are also virtual, no need to point it out mr neutron. And it’s not all I want, just one of the main reasons. I’m okay if season 2 doesn’t add much though, or anything, since the gorge is already fun by itself, and they still have to work on the updates.
  9. as much as i like the news, i still want gorge season 2.
  10. Just gonna put this here. klei: *gives fifteen thousand people a video game for free* klei: *needs money because of it* players: WhAt GrEeDy DeVs
  11. i believe pausing and unpausing or getting out of the window then getting back in while fix it
  12. [Game Update] - 293625

    does it crossover to main game, because i think it does