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  1. I know the OP said PC, but just saying, PS4 for me.
  2. Doydoys can still get stuck making their boning sound forever. Seems to be once the population is full. I reported this bug 2 years ago...
  3. *I THINK* I finished monsoon season, had 1 withered plant, then headed into another monsoon season... Check the day on the photo, 73, shouldn't i be in dry season? I did pick up a volcano staff just a couple days into the game... maybe there's a bug with that and entering into dry season?
  4. I've had this situation too where people join my server who I cannot kick. I've also wondered why this happens. The only way to get rid of them seems to be to disconnect from the server and then reconnect. What's up with this?
  5. I see, roger that CharlesB. EDIT: Looks like you were right. I tried again the next day and the problem was gone, the servers showed up.
  6. Nope, not fixed. It's showing me 0 of 88 servers and I didn't search anything. Same error?
  7. This game has been really fun, so thanks, no hating in the reporting of these bugs. 1) Eternal Lighter -This is actually super useful, so i'm hesitant to report it, but there is some series of events that can make the light from the lighter become everlasting. Meaning I don't have to have the lighter out to have the light, it just stays there no matter what item I have. It's functional too, keep Charlie away. I think it has to do with getting the lighter out while you are getting onto a boat. {Picture Attached} 2) Tantric Doydoys -Sometimes the doydoys make their special sound, forever. The only way I can get them to stop is by quitting in and out of the game. I might have a fully populated group of Doydoys, so not certain if the bug has to do with mating time coming around when the population is already maxed... 3) Elderly Sandbags? -I have a monsoon strategy where i've laid wooden flooring everywhere, and then i have a ring of sandbags around it. So no puddles should be able to form, nor should the puddles be able to encroach on the flooring. Then I open up a couple sandbags that aren't flooded for the entrance/exit. This worked well for the first two monsoon seasons. But this season, it went right through the sandbags :(. I don't get why, very disappointing. Any explanation? Did I misunderstand a mechanic? (This might be the same bug as #4) {Picture attached} p.s. for fun - I'm working on having snakeskin rugs surrounding the sandbags, such that whatever bags I open up, the puddles will never spawn right on the entrance :). Not relevant to what happened here though since that side wasn't open from the start of the season. 4) Incorporeal Apes and Doydoys -Prime Apes seem to be able to run through walls that are connected by corners (as opposed to sides). Maybe this is the same bug as #3? -I'm pretty sure the Doydoys can both run through corners (but only sometimes?), and escape walls by doing their business very close to the wall, and then popping up again on the other side. They escape their pen every once in a while... In the picture of my base, I originally didn't have the secondary stone layer on the sandbags in their pen. But they kept escaping through the sandbags, so I added the stone wall layer, and they can't get through anymore. Maybe two corners works where one does not. 5) Non-functional Sharktooth Crown (unless...) -This bug is talked about on the wiki, but in solidarity of wanting a fix -> the crown doesn't give you the sanity stats unless you put it on and then quit the game and then come back in. Bothersome. 6) Disappearing Whale -This only happened once, but I killed a whale, and then went away from it, came back the next day and it was gone. Not sure if there is something that is supposed to make that happen, but yeah, it happened. I've gotten two other whales though, and they seemed to work fine. 7) Where is the Sealnado? -Last bug, but the one I am most curious about. I'm over 250 days in, and i've never seen or heard the Sealnado. The wiki says it appears during hurricane season... Is it possible that there is a bug keeping the Sealnado from spawning? Or do I have to do something to get it to spawn?