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  1. Hi there guys, A lot of us have been complaining about some poor performance with Shipwrecked on PS4, especially affecting the most crowded islands. It was partially fixed on the PRO, where the game runs noticeably better due to the boost mode, but not completely. Any chance we get this fixed maybe with the new (I hope so) upcoming Home Sea Home update for consoles?
  2. Several users (me among them) have reported constant frame rate drops with Shipwrecked on PS4. Klei have already confirmed that they are working on the issue, but as weeks & months go by, we see that some patches have been launched while the problem remains unsolved. I am aware that I'm a pain-in-the-ass user but to me and other players this is a far more critical and important issue than if the volcano is correctly balanced... I hope someone reads my umpteenth message in a bottle.
  3. I assume this is also a "known issue" on PS4 too given the number of posts with plenty of views and comments regarding SW poor performance and frame rate. It's weird it's only confirmed on pc... In this regard, I just got a short reply from Klei on Twitter stating the classic "we're working on that", but nothing beyond this generic answer. The truth is that I am starting to grow impatient now, because I really want to enjoy SW, but these issues detract me from the experience. This never happened with RoG. Does anybody know when this is really going to be fixed? Performance should always be a top priority comcern, much more important than other secondary bugs that have already been fixed by now and I'm starting to feel that this matter is not getting the attention it deserves...
  4. Hi there, well, after insisting a little, Klei just confimed via Twitter that they are fixing this in the near future. A new patch, I guess. How near is that future? We'll see, but I assume that they don't want to promote the new megapack with SW in its current poor state, so common sense tells me that it should happen before mid September.
  5. Welcome to the club. I assume they're currently working on the issue, right Klei?
  6. Hi there, I also posted something similar about the SW performance issues on PS4 and I totally agree with you. I really hope they urgenly fix this problem in a patch soon as now it is affecting my game experience. The funny thing is that RoG seems to work just fine and provides a quite smooth experience in comparison to SW. SW is such an amazing expansion, with so much depth and crazy things to find out... It's kind of a let down that the games is not working properly. I hope Klei will listen to both of us cheers, Marc
  7. Hi guys, I just wanted to pass by and let you know that I did notice some performance issues with Shipwrecked on PS4, specially when the screen is crowded with monkeys, spiders, jungle trees, bamboos, ect. It's nothing game breaking but in my opinion it's noticeable enough to end up bothering the player and affecting the overall experience. I really hope you can patch that up soon. Any news in this regard you want to share with us (your faithful fans)? Cheers, Marc