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Thermo Aquatuner - "No Power"

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Everytime I try to make my water system work with an aquatuner using the new conductive wire it stops and starts for no reason even though I have plenty of power for it. Help? (PS: I've tried rebuilding it several times and also tried using debug mode and also restarted my game several times)


Here's my setup screenshots and a gif of the bug:




Thank you in advance!

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26 minutes ago, Lifegrow said:

Not true, transformers can deliver way over 1kw. Put a battery on the receiver end (between transformer and aquatuner) and it'll run no problem.


7 minutes ago, SackMaggie said:

transformers can deliver up to 4k watts

Ok my bad... so is it some bug then or?

Because like this it runs just fine:


I always put one battery after each transformer but don't know why it should be needed it if it can do 4kW.


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9 minutes ago, SackMaggie said:

well you can remove top transformers  conduct wire can cover 2k watts

adding transformer like that won't do anything


and it not a bug (I think)

Well it should work but is not... that is what  OP was asking.


Wire 2kW transformer 4kW but not working... to me it looks like bug or some weird implementation if adding battery helps.

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I believe the issue (From what I've recalled said before) is that the Transformer can deliver 4kW, however it supplies it in 4 chunks of 1kW 'packets'.  Since the Aquatuner requires 1.2kWs, each one of these packets is not enough to run the machine and thus it does nothing, the machine can only get a single 'packet' every tick it checks.  


With the added battery into the circuit, the device then just gets the right amount of power directly from the battery and therefore it runs.  If I recall correctly, in the past, a similar problem happened with the tepidizer where the Transformer couldn't supply enough power to it which was caused by the same thing.  It was just the 'packets' of power the Transformer was sending out were smaller then. 

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