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Water Around Electrolyzers - Setup Question

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Ok so I see people with electrolyzer setups that have liquid surrounding them. I figured they did this because somehow it filters out the hydrogen from the oxygen without having to use an air filter (hydrogen rises above /through the water?). I tried to emulate this but all i get is a flooded electrolyzer which won't work. 


Anyone have a comment. Does this even work anymore?


here is a screenshot


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Actually, it is not recommended for use. High pressure oxygen generating is more like a bug or definitely a bug. Electrolyzer judges the atmosphere as vacuum and constantly runs. To me, there are more defects than its benefits. High water consumption, high temperature O2  and high pressure O2(just too much) are problems to be solved. It just save a air pump and a filter, 360w. For H2, there will be a pump anyway to consume them in generator.

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Also having too much oxygen now results in a debuff of popped ear drums so best to be careful.

If you wish to have an electrolyser run you without it really stopping you can do this instead,

The Grey is just a normal tile, the gold is an airflow tile, Have your atmo switch set to above 100g or anything really above this, I have mine at 333g.

It will take some time for this to purge as their will be oxygen on both sides but after a cycle all the oxygen at the pump will be gone and only hydrogen will fill the top row, and the area with the pump. The oxygen will naturally diffuse through the airflow tiles and down into your base. 

I do not take credit this is someone elses design which I now use religiously. I cannot remember the link and I am at work XD

Electrolyzer setup.png

Edit - You can move the pump up 1 tile, but you can risk sucking in too much hydrogen and letting oxygen get back into the system

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