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So I Made An Art Dump

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Call it what you want. Art. A pathetic excuse for art. I don't really care.

Regardless, I'm addicted to Don't Starve and wanted to make fan-art and stuff. Even if I can't draw like a professional.

So whatever. Welcome to my Art Dump.

Where it's literally a DUMP.

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The only other thing worth posting right now are some little animated pixel versions of the first four characters. So here.post-8387-13764590800388_thumb.gifThey're not images of the Gods, but they're alright. I like doing pixel/vector/sprite stuff like this, so it was fun.I'm going to be making WX78 and Wickerbottom eventually. If they tickle your fancies, of course.




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Hello again, Mr Murph!How's it going?Could you draw my litlle hound? It's at page 6 of my 4rt dünp.

Goodness gracious. Potatoes. You startled me.I'm doing quite well, thanks for the curiosity. I hope your doing fine as well.I could certainly attempt to doodle up your little hound. I'll do it when I have plentiful free time.
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