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  1. Kept a short list of crashes/bugs I encountered over two games. No items or entities were spawned during either game. (I know a list isn't traditionally the best way of reporting bugs, but I didn't want to make a new report for each individual issue.) SHOPS - Crashed leaving the Flower Shop. - Leaving shops/home starts rain. - After making a purchase, most shopkeepers continuously run into the leftmost wall. THUNDERBIRD - Thunderbird killed by hired Pig Guard performed death animation, but seconds later still performed a lightning attack when approached. - Charged lightning effect still appears where Thunderbird was after being killed by a hired Pig Guard. - Thunderbird doesn't attack hired Pig Guards. (May not be a bug, but thought this was strange.) OTHER - Crashed exiting a Cave Cleft while Wilson was examining the Spooky Hole. - Getting off a boat while affected by Hay Fever causes Wilson to sneeze and teleport upon exiting. (This happened on at least two occasions, one of which put me out of bounds. I was able to continue by building a new boat on a waterfall.) - At least twice, an overwhelming amount of Vampire Bats spawned for a wave. The first wave consisted of around three, which seems normal, but later on I got waves like this: (Not the prettiest screenshot, but you get the idea. There's more than 20 bats here.)
  2. Aw heck. May as well jump on the bandwagon (again) and submit a couple of mine. Name: Wanda Wickleton Nickname: The Origamist Catchphrase: "Snip snip." Voice: Electric Keyboard(?) Abilities: *Way Too Fond Of Paper - Wanda can heal herself with Papyrus. This heals 15 health. The Honey Poultice also heals twice as much for her. *Good At Making Paper Cranes - Wanda can make Paper Cranes to fight for her. They are rather weak in terms of strength and health, but are fairly fast. It takes one (1) Papyrus to make a Paper Crane, as well as 10 sanity. (Similar to Meat Effigy, each Crane decreases Wanda's maximum Sanity by 10.) Stats: Health: 150 Hunger: 150 Sanity: 200 Names: Wilman & Wilma Pines Nickname: The Twins (Now I know that Wendy and Abigail sort of fill the slot of "Twins," but this was just another idea I had. More on the differences between Wendy and Abigail versus Wilman and Wilma below!) Catchphrase: "Together, we're invincible." Voices: Wilman - Bass Clarinet; Wilma - Soprano Saxophone Abilities: *Strong Together - Wilman and Wilma can wield seperate weapons and different armors. They can attack the same foe(s) to do much more damage. However, once one character dies, the second character's sanity is permanently reduced. *Good Multi-taskers - Wilman and Wilma can (theoretically) be commanded to do seperate things at the same time. In other words, get things done twice as fast. *Afraid of the Dark - Wilman and Wilma lose more Sanity at Dusk and at Night than other characters. Stats (per each Twin): Health: 150 Hunger: 150 Sanity: 200 (125 after first death) More Information: Playing as two characters at once is a rather interesting concept, right? Here's how I thought this would work: *There would be an item/button/something that would switch between who you play. For example, while playing as Wilman, you press the button and switch to Wilma, and vice versa. While playing as one Twin, the second follows behind, similar to how Abigail follows Wendy. *Both Wilman and Wilma can wear backpacks to extend inventory space, but they share the fifteen inventory slots. *Meat Effigies, Touch Stones, and other means of ressurection have no effect until one Twin dies the first time. For example, Wilma dies in battle. Wilman is therefore the only playable character. When he dies later, he will ressurect based on what ressurection items are activated/worn. After one Twin dies, the other Twin's Sanity is permanently reduced to 125. *If one Twin's Sanity is low enough that Hallucinations can attack, both Twins will be attacked by Hallucinations. (ONE MORE!) Name: Warren Flitsby (I know there are TONS of other Warrens in the DS Universe, but this was actually one of the later ideas I had, and was out of usable names, so bear with it.) Nickname: The Animal Tamer Catchphrase: "Here kitty kitty..." Voice: Bongo Drum Abilities: *Adored by Animals - Animals don't run from Warren or attack him (unless provoked). Rabbits and Birds don't retreat when approached, and Killer Bees only attack Warren if he attacks them, etc. Mating Beefalo also let Warren pass. *Good with a Whip - Starts out with a whip, which deals damage slightly higher than that of a spear, and hits at a further range. It has no durability. *Extremely Naughty - Naughtiness points awarded for killing animals are doubled for Warren. In other words, killing a Rabbit gives 2 points whereas it usually gives 1. Stats: Health: 150 Hunger: 150 Sanity: 180 Well there you have it. I hope you semi-enjoy them at the very least. I have a jar full of other sketches for fan characters, so maybe if you like these you'll look forward to those!
  3. Holy crud! That's adorably amazing! I can't wait to see more from you!!And, again, welcome to the forums!
  4. *jumps on bandwagon* Woo. Name: Watson Nickname: The Pacifist Catchphrase: "Surely we can settle this quarrel politely!" Voice: Mizmar(?) Just cause it sounds cool. And it's different. {Sounds like this! }Abilities: *Monsters Ignore Him - Watson will not be attacked by enemies so long as he doesn't attack them. This does not include the periodic Hound waves, Treeguards, or Deerclops. *Quick On His Feet - Runs faster when in danger! *Has Trouble Fighting - Deals low damage. Stats: Health: 150 Hunger: 150 Sanity: 200 Some Random Quotes: Maxwell: He's rather dapper for a bad guy. Spider: Curse my arachniphobia! Berry Bush: This is what I have to eat? Skeleton: Poor guy. Chester: Good thing it's friendly. Tree Stump: My apologizes, mister tree. Pinecone: It's a baby tree! Pigs: Yuck! They're hideous! Pig King: I hope he's a nice king. Deerclops Approaching: What the heck was that?! Deerclops: Time to run! Hound: He looks mad! And hungry! Spear: The tip is poorly sharpened. Bee: I'm allergic to bees. Gobbler: I can't even kill that! Watson sounds like such a common name for these characters. And yet I've never seen one. I'm sure there's one out there but hey. Whatever.
  5. It's Wilson! Our favorite Gentleman Scientist!
  6. Oh, yes. Most definitely.(asSoonasimnotlazy)
  7. Eh. It's alright. Name talk is just as interesting.
  8. Taste the rainbow.Oh, and howdy! I've seen you around. Spreading the joy that is bacon. Nice work with that, by the by.
  9. You know what, buy me a package of Skittles and we'll be good.
  10. Goodness gracious. Potatoes. You startled me.I'm doing quite well, thanks for the curiosity. I hope your doing fine as well.I could certainly attempt to doodle up your little hound. I'll do it when I have plentiful free time.