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Here's a 3D model of Queen Charlie.


  • I followed the official concept art as reference for this model


  • This image took about 4 hours to render.
  • The smoke in the background was also created in Blender.
  • In order to get the makeup and the eyebrows correct I asked my mother for some tips on how to apply makeup and properly groom eyebrows. This advice was actually very helpful and was applied to the model.
  • I had to shorten Charlie's neck twice by a noticeable amount because the ungodly length of her neck didn't translate well to 3D.



Edited by Mikro
Re-rendered the image with better lighting
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Here's a rather old attempt at making Wilson in 3D. I don't plan on finishing this particular model because despite the outer appearance being alright the internal stuff is an absolute nightmare and would have been extremely difficult to deal with if I had decided to continue with this particular model. That and the eyes are god awful.

I figured I may as well share it as it'll be gone from my hard drive soon enough.

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