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Thor: Ragnarök IN DST

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It ’s just all my Brainstorm. 

WX-87 is hanging in the Ancient ruins. He gets 8 skeletons. While WX-87 gets back, he find Maxwell is cosplay in his father The PigKing. So WX-87 and max get into the DST to find their father PigKing. On the way WX-87 have a tea with willson.

The PigKing told them. WX-87's sister Charlie is back. Then The PigKing died.Charlie crush the Meow hammer and slaughtered Viking‘s village. WX-87(survivor) is missing in the Junkyard. Soon, Vikingweman(survivor) trap the WX-87 and throd him into The Forge Arena. WX-87 was struck by lightning and overload. WX-87 beat the Beaver Hulk and win.

Maxwell cheat to the Battlemaster and save WX-87.Beaver meet lucy's image and turned into Woodie. Then WX-87, Woodie and Vikingweman team up to save Pig village. At the same time ,Charlie(Victor) lead the Wolfgang to occupied the Pig village. Charlie said she was the eldest daughterr so she shold be the Queen.

Charlie spawns more spiders and a hound in 10.0 size. She is serching the Divining Rod for Maxwell's Door.

Wes protect the Divining Rod and pigmen. So Wes lead the pigmen moving to the Teleportato island. The 

Avengers get back and fight with Charlies army.


Woodie turns into Beaver Hulk to beat the hound in 10.0 size. Wolfgang betray Charlie to  protect pigmen and he died.  Maxwell run a server for pigmen for save them. Then Maxwell reanimate  the skeletons. The Ancient Fuelweaver burned the pig village and beat Charlie.

WX-87 be the King and  take pigmen to the DST Earth. END.

sorry for my pool English XD

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