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Liquid/gas mass deletion exploit with the Automation Upgrade

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We've known for a while that if a door closes on a fluid (be it gas or liquid), and the resulting fluid can be destroyed. This happens basically because the door has nowhere to put the fluid, but this isn't new.

Now that you can toggle doors en masse, you can do some interesting stuff...


If mass can be deleted, so can heat, and in *massive* quantities. This system is theoretically infinitely expandable to destroy infinite amounts of liquid at once as a result.

Also the doors can "flood", but to doesn't seem to have an effect on their ability to work.

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21 minutes ago, FloomRide said:

Balancing this or removing this is simple, then. "Flooded" doors won't be able to open or close until the liquid is removed, and will trap gasses inside them similar to how a mesh tile can.

don't mess with the shredder buddy, that thing even scares morbs.

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