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Found 78 results

  1. Lava don't burn

    Lava dosen't kill in a fairly big area around my position
  2. My best time show "11 seconds" on 2nd lvl of School, but, when i look at replay, I don't done the lvl at 11 seconds (of course !) I think, it was because i watched (lot of time - maybe 1 hour or ?) friends' replay, to understand how to do that lvl fast, and the timer take minutes for seconds. (I think my timer is 1hour and 11 minutes, but the game don't show hour, so, for him, i'm 00:00,11) Can you try to delet this best time for me ? (not fair for my friends, and not fun to me if want to improve this)
  3. Just like the title suggests... I would love for strategic placement of Boat Kits that makes traveling the map 100x easier to be Nerfed. I will provide a GIF to show what I mean.. As you can see in the Gif I am able to hop between 3 different Biomes of Land that would normally be separated by this body of Water. Boat kit placement like this makes having a Gap hoping Wortox on your team almost Useless.. So Here’s what I Purpose as an Alternative: I generally LIKE the Idea of being able to place a structure in the water to make traveling to the other Biomes easier, However I don’t feel that Exploiting Boat Kit Placement is the right answer.. Instead what I Purpose is that Klei make these Water stream gaps Too Small to actually fit the Boat Into And instead Give us the ability to build actual Bridges composed of Rope and Wooden Planks.. I will provide a few Example Images Below. To Build These Bridges you will need to make a Starting Connection Point and an Ending Connection Point- Which Means.. Instead of just tossing a boat in the water and merrily hopping across it you actually have travel to the other Biome first. Not only does this provide the Nerf to Boat Kit Exploits that I am asking for but it also allows a Soul Hopping Wortox to quickly and effectively place the Start and Ending portions to complete the Rope Bridge making his Soul Hop or Were-Goose Woodie ALOT more useful again.
  4. i found this way to bypass the lock, just bhop on top of the small stone wall and then jump from the trashcan over the fence [NOTE:i'm on the other side without unlocking the area]
  5. if you take the toy guy and you shirnk you can walk into the stone and fall through the map and you also kinda walk around under the mad
  6. you can cut more than half of the course just by getting up the sand. After you go down the pole, jump on the side of the sand and you will be able to jump again and get up the stone wall, once you're up there you can just go to the finish line. [Note: i don't know if this is meant to be in the course]
  8. Can currently stand on and jump off lava in a few areas around the Christmas tree, such as in the screenshot and the area with the missing section of wall near the tyres (where the single dead tree is). Not sure if this is specific to the Christmas map or if the issue existed before.
  9. On the map recess you can cut short your time by jumping against a tree as seen on the screenshot, I managed to cut my time short by a at least 4sec
  10. Ходите рядом с стеной и вы не умираете
  11. Today's topic is about ghost-hound interation with Mac Tusk and Vargs, wich can be potentially server-ending. Varg When you haunt a varg, there's a chance that it spawns hounds, when those hounds are haunted and their color changes, they abbandon the Varg and become like hound attack hounds, seeking the nearest player, killing anything in the way, you can repeat this indefinetly, wich can be potentially server ending. Mac Tusk When you haunt mac tusk's hound, it can still chance color, and it will continue to obey mac tusk's orders, but every time there's a hound missing, when it has been haunted, new blue hounds come when it agroes onto something, this allows for infinite dupe-ing of hounds. as of the time of the post's creation, I don't know if the hounds after winter ends despawn with mac tusk, become player-seeking hounds or continue to walk in the camp. The server has 4 days left in winter by the time of posting, so expect an anwser to that question in ~32 min. Source: Strictly Unprofessional servers. (PvP and Endless) EDIT: It was none of my theories, they prevent mac tusk's camp from despawning!
  12. Clausius would hate this game What this is about: I recognized that it's impossible to totally equalize the temperatures between a piped liquid and a tile. My guess is, that this is due to rounding errors in temperature calculation. If true, this effect should get stronger, if there is a huge difference in heat capacity (mass). So I fired up sandbox mode to build a simple testing device: The Idea is to significantly heat up petroleum without using an active heat source. For cooling, the same principle (using super coolant) should be applied. Each tile (steam and hydrogen) holds 50t of gas. I adjusted the temperatures the best I could and waited for them to stabilize. After about 30 cycles the temperatures are almost stable. Turbine chamber: 142.7°C High pressure steam: 150.3/158.3/167.3°C Hydrogen: -14°C After 70 cycles not much has changed. Turbine chamber: 142.3°C High pressure steam: 150.2/157.7/166.9°C Hydrogen: -14°C Generating 380W of power with no input. Perpetuum mobile perfect. Now this is not really an efficient build, as it takes a lot of resources (water & hydrogen) and the gain is relatively minor. But what if we would use a multiplicator? ... like regolith ...
  13. i hopped on the chair next to the basketball thing and from the chair to the trash can next to it when i was really speedy and i got onto the fence and i didn't unlock the area beyond it and i can get down there (i tried this two times) and i came back to the area i have unlocked with that blue trash can in the area i didn't unlock. this game is amazing thank you for making it!
  14. my location, am i supposed to be allowed on this hill while in recess obj and hoping over the fence to completely so quickly? If this was intended sry :) PS Loving the game
  15. 通关过后回来重新打出现通关最后的绳子不能用,导致通不去
  16. You can jump up to the edge to walk arround the top of the map
  17. The window fram has bad cliping
  18. Well, if you jump on the trampoline then jump on the slider, then jump on the next trampoline there are 2 outcomes - One, if you dont touch the checkpoint, you get stuck on the ledge. Two - if you do touch the checkpoint, you maintain your speed, allowing a small skip.
  19. Cheating guy

    I can mistaking, but I think that this guy is cheating: I saw it on "Back to Class" challenge on playground
  20. Leaderboard Bug

    Go anywhere except the beginning and watch a replay on the leaderboard. doesnt matter who its by, doesnt matter how long it is. Finish the replayand the time will be reset to 0.
  21. Dentro i muri

    Saltando in questo preciso punto son finito incastrato nel muro
  22. Dentro i muri

    Saltando in questo preciso punto son finito incastrato nel muro
  23. out of map

    climbing onto the fridge allows you to climb out of the map