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Found 5 results

  1. Per my Bug Report in the Bug Tracker forum, there exists another way to Bypass the over-pressure limitations other than putting a few hundred grams of water in the same tile as a gas vent or where morbs walk. You can instead place the gas vent or morbs in a room right below one or more planted wheezeworts separated by mesh/gas permiable tiles. The wheezewort(s) will basically draw all of the gas away from the chamber below. It looks like you can also use this method to create a directional flow of gases without pipes or a gas pump.
  2. I feel like its to easy to live off of seeds right now.
  3. Please choose a category [Exploit] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Birds landing in one spot repeatedly Steps to reproduce It happened after I accidentally dropped a seed while standing right up against a firepit (I was standing at 10:00 if you pretend the pit is a clock). I got rid of all the seeds there, which was about 5 of them after I finally noticed, but they still land there every 10 seconds or less even if I'm standing right there ready to stab them with a spear. They don't come at night, just every day and dusk. Describe your issue I noticed birds keep landing in the same spot and then taking off really quickly, no matter whether I'm standing right there or not. It's pretty exploitable, I've killed a few of them while they're briefly landing on the ground but they keep showing up, landing on their dead buddies.
  4. Harvesting and collecting I have been playing this game for a little while now and find it quite enjoyable but one thing that seems to be getting old fast when you reach late game is the time it takes to gather and pick up resources. Though I think it is important for it to take a little bit of time to acquire things, I would love to be able to research something like a magnet hat that picks up stuff around me or a scythe for slaying that grass in a hurry. I guess I just want to spend more time on hunting and less time gathering
  5. I have noticed that when you make a stew using monster meat, you don't lose any health from the stew. In my opinion monster meat stew should definitely have a downside because otherwise it's an endless food supply if you have about 10 spidernests nearby.