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Cap the Marketplace

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I might be the only person who thinks this, but I'd like to see the Klei devs put a cap on how much something can be sold for on the marketplace.

Or at least an anchor price, or even a set price!

If Klei could make it so you could buy skins from them, like the Gladiator skins, but with EVERYTHING, they'd be anchoring the value of the skins, and as such they won't reach hyperinflation (like new skins), or hyper deflation (like commons), and that way people aren't spending triple OR EVEN QUADRUPLE the amount of money that they spent to buy the game on cosmetics!!

They don't even have to do that, they could just release a statement saying what the values of all the skins are, and as such mitigate problems like this:



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The Easiest solution is to make the spools system permanent, set a high amount of spools cost for head skins, and klei can sell spools on the market.

This opens several solutions:

  • If you wanna earn your skins you can just play a lot , and if RNGeesus doesnt bless you with your favorite skin, you can eventually gather enough stuff to convert to spools and craft it.
  • Klei can sell spools, earning money directly (They are a business yknow, they have to eat and pay bills)
  • Let's say 1 USD = 1000 spools and a GOH head (regardless of char) would cost 10000 spools. This sets that in the market no one can sell a GOH head skin higher than 10 dollars (otherwise it would be better to just craft it from klei spools purchase) 
  • If commons, spiffy, and other lower tier items give a small amount of spools, you'd still have to resort to trading, grinding a lot, purchasing spools, or purchasing the skin. Despite being a simpler system it won't mean everyone will instantly have all skins.
  • Turning a GOH, a triumpant or any other "good" skin into spools won't give you enough spools to craft another GOH or triumphant (it should be much much less), so if you have a spare version of any of these items you'd still earn more by selling it or trading, meaning that these systems will be still very active.
  • As newly implemented skin collections are added they can remain un-craftable for some limited time, to favor trading, grinding, and being a showoff for 2 or 3 months. Sure this means that the new super cool skin that was just released 2 days ago and everyone is going banans for will cost 200 Euro, at that point fans have 3 possible options: you can either work your ass off towards trading, Buying it expensive, or waiting 3 months until it becomes craftable (and bythen there probably will be a new super cool uncraftable released 5 hours ago you die to have.)
  • Thats how the dst community will stay busy for eternity, and klei can make more profit with a self regulated market
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