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The Shipwreck Renaissance

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FreyaMaluk    5859
1 hour ago, Cataca said:

Endgame. While volcano somewhat works as a semi-ruins equivalent, its just too easy there. A second level of the volcano where your main issue to get to the loot say thelucite or obsidian is heat instead of sanity/darkness would work perfectly.


On 14.9.2017 at 1:39 PM, FreyaMaluk said:

- skelunking with caves, pirates, skeletons, squids creatures, and nasty bucaneers

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JJ0264    216
On 9/18/2017 at 11:23 PM, Donke60 said:

Warly and walani  still don't have strange new powers you might wanna fix that 

just please fix Warly's sanity issues in RoG caves please 

idk what to do for walnini make her part merm

Walani infinity fishing rod cost 5 sanity per catch fish and lazy-o-meter rise slowly but doing chopin, chipin, digging and craftin drains it. randomly when its 15 or under knocks Walani to sleep but to raised it can use riding waves, befriending, eating meals or sleeping.

Warly cooks meals 50% faster than others, inventory passive 25% freshness (includeds backpacks), Warlys special meals give different effects like coffee for example) monster tartar gives hunger reduction 1.33 to 1.22

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