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Changing Characters in Survival Mode?

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I am very surprised this isn't a feature yet.


Ive played countless times with my friends on DST and it almost always ends up the same way, my friends simply get bored of playing the same character for hundreds of days. I know this is a feature in Wilderness mode, but personally I prefer to play survival over wilderness, so I never get to change my character without feeling guilt of cheating by using console.


With this feature, I feel as if it should be fairly difficult to change characters, but easy enough.


First of all, not only will this idea give a use to the iridescent gem, but it will give the atrium more of a use other than fighting the Fuelweaver.

My idea is to use the iridescent gem on the ancient gateway to be able to change characters, this will drop the players current items at the ancient gateway and the player will be sent back to the character select screen at the florid postern.

After that, the player will have to go back to the ancient gateway if they wish to collect their items.

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7 minutes ago, JohnWatson said:

but you can just drop your items near the portal before going to the ancient gateway

honestly i don't think item transfer should be a big issue, after all, that was a feature of DS, why not use the same thing for DST?

i think that using the iridescent gem for a one-time use item like a magic mirror or something like that would be a pretty neat idea, as it's not something you can do frequently to abuse the ability to change characters

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