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So, I've been noticing that Duplicants gain stress from going under water, or even getting wet. So I started thinking about the research, and how shallow the pool of things is, right now. What if you could research different outfits once you're past researching insulation? A diving suit would allow for Dupes to go under water stress free, Oxygen masks could let them enter low O2 areas and go further to explore, and even combat suits, if the creatures in this game ever get more hostile than the little hatches we're use to. I mean, the dupe on the cover of the game has a helmet, so maybe it's something already in the works?

Speaking of Research, while I do love the larger batteries, I think we should go further. Maybe Giant batteries that take 9 squares as opposed to 4, or even a reactor-like power generator. As I mentioned earlier, these would be past our current highest tier of research, so they'd take a ton longer to reach.

From what I've seen on videos and in the forums, research is done by day 10 if you're bum-rushing it, and day 20 if you're really casual about it. I usually have built at least one of everything by day 50, if I have the right biomes, and I'd like to see more to do.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, everyone.

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Of couse :)

Oxygen masks for underwater, oxygen masks for chlorine biomes, working clothes for slime and cold biomes :) Waiting on that very much.

Because now i tried what we have, and there is no way of using it, if i put cool west and the dupe is in the base, he gets cold, and with hot west in reverse. Anyway...

Regarding the research, it really needs more options and better pacing. As you said, by cycle 20-30 eveyrthing is done, i for example do it midlessly and forget about it, not good IMHO :)

Waiting :)

((Also waiting on Teleportation Tubes, because when the base gets bigger it just takes 999 years to do everything efficiently. Waiting on Radioactive biome to have nuclear power/ mutating animals, maybe even exploding walls for faster "digging". Waiting on Oil biome to have plastics, fire etc. waiting for tenticles, worms that destroy your base :) ))

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