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  1. More Batteries and Clothing

    Of couse Oxygen masks for underwater, oxygen masks for chlorine biomes, working clothes for slime and cold biomes Waiting on that very much. Because now i tried what we have, and there is no way of using it, if i put cool west and the dupe is in the base, he gets cold, and with hot west in reverse. Anyway... Regarding the research, it really needs more options and better pacing. As you said, by cycle 20-30 eveyrthing is done, i for example do it midlessly and forget about it, not good IMHO Waiting ((Also waiting on Teleportation Tubes, because when the base gets bigger it just takes 999 years to do everything efficiently. Waiting on Radioactive biome to have nuclear power/ mutating animals, maybe even exploding walls for faster "digging". Waiting on Oil biome to have plastics, fire etc. waiting for tenticles, worms that destroy your base ))
  2. Please share your thoughts on how do you see this game after you master it, how to build it to keep people interested and doing something new with the old skill. My personal opinion is to make the gameplay depending on the map and on the style: 1) Biome specific maps, all cold / all slime / no slime, etc. - logic here is: we have a random generated map, but once you start the game you have to be able to adapt to the map, instead of using the same strategy all the time. What if i did not have sleet wheat ? etc. or 2) Manually generate maps by players, share them, make a random map TOPs, ranks. Something like top 10 player created maps every month are added to a rotation of bucket of 20 or 30 random generated maps, to motivate players Intorduce WC3 style map bulilding and modding. 3) Ability to choose strategy you want to use - Eco friendly colony, poluted colony, high tech colony (For this one we need oil / radioactive biome) - in this case we would pick some parts of the tech tree and leave some out, or use everything, but have a choice.
  3. The thing with this thread and all the discussions made what i think is the biggest thing is this: If the devs communicate the process as normal human beings, ideas, reasons, Blog or even a video of the game ideas meeting, this makes people feel valued and it makes everyone feel that they are a part of the game creation. That motivates to play. to share and to influence others. As the best example is facebook People want to be engaged, but for them to be engaged, you have to share something. The real life communication would help to make this company unique and valued not only for the game, but for the community. Another thing "They are fixing the bugzzzzz, everyones buzyyy" It only takes 1 person, to sit in the development meeting, to create a 1000 word blog post every 2 weeks, which then has to be approved by management. That is called quallity communication management.
  4. Everyones waiting on this
  5. Great idea With art station, there could be a creation of new templates, or even you could add your own pictures into the game via that.
  6. Duplicant Traits

    Yes Nah..
  7. Duplicants getting old ?

    Yes, and also dupes age would depend on the quallity of life Better food, better happiness, more expensive Pleasures etc. = longer life span
  8. Endgame idea

    I am not sure if i would like this.... It would just be a grind for the grind, to have some 1 material to build something, which in the end does not change anything. Its kidna Anno logic, and for me personaly it would take away from the game itself and would build walls to enjoy it.
  9. General Feedback 100+ Hours

    It kinda is, and kinda isnt When you spend 100+ hours on the game you learn how it works and it works After that it becomes kinda easy, because you know everything you need and just do it. Until then its numerous restarts and fails I can make a sustainable colony always now, after something like 20+ restarts. The game is and feels not fully developed yet My biggest annoying struggle is cooling geysers with legitimate ways. Currently the only legit way for me at least is to use Hydrogen radiator to cool it, it kinda gets old. My biggest wish and i think the biggest end game and replayability potential is to have at least 2 or even 3 ways of doing stuff, cooling heating and etc and that should be based on the map layout. Because currently if you dont get a slime biome and 1 cold b iome, you have to restart. And the strategy, tech priorities should be done on the circumstances. That would add a lot to the game i think As well as more biomes, such as Oil biome mentioned in psts (To have a transition from Natural gas/oil to electricity and later maybe even a radioactive biome, to have nuclear power). And then to Robots and of course fighting Worms, and other rodents, to get another dimension on the game
  10. Use of natural gas

    PLEASE ! Yes ! Great ideas
  11. What i am most anxious about is not to see new contenct, but for t hem to talk about ideas What they are planning, what are they thinking on that and so on How they react to our comments, suggestions, to comment on them Also on the future content, i am amazed nobody commented the materials in the Gas filter selection tab There are ~ 15-20 options to filter and we currently have wha ? 6 in game ?
  12. yup, but too far ahead its an idea for expansion maybe
  13. i dont know it another bug has been fixed. but the overload was calcualted not on the factual strain but on the theoretical. If you Have 2 KW connected to the grid, but using only 0,8 KW it used to overload, not sure if its still the case. Also wire bridges tend to overload constantly due to that reason and others