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Lost all Worlds!?

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Hey, I was wondering if someone could try to help me with my problem before I quit the game entirely. A long time ago (Back when I was really new to the game) all of my worlds randomly deleted and I didn't do anything differently then what I usually did, I just logged on to dst one day and they where all gone. So I obviously got mad for a little bit (it was around 30 + hours of gametime) but I realized that I was so new to the game and I had so much to learn that it was probably I good thing that I could start over. (Problem solved, or so I thought) Now fastforward around a year, hear I am now signing into dst. I don't know if this matters at all but I  got a new computer so I had to resign into steam and stuff first. So I go into dst expecting to work on a mega-base build (500 + days) to find that all of my worlds have been deleted (AGAIN!!) and that in their place are the worlds that I thought where deleted from ages ago. I'm very frustrated finding that everything was deleted (It was 250 hours + of playtime) and before I totally quit the game for good I was wondering if someone could try to help me figure out what's going on and how to get my world's back (or how to stop it from happening to other players)

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29 minutes ago, Scarecrow0_0 said:

I still have my older computer and I'm fine just playing dst on it so if I load up dst on my old computer it should work right?


Yeah, and you can also get a USB stick and move your save to your other computer, unless getting a USB is difficult for you.

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