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  1. This doesn't seem to work, most likely because my mouse isn't exactly centered at the spawner. I tried gonext, then moving up a little bit and removing but nothing got removed when I ran the countprefabs command. Any ideas on how to directly center my mouse on this invisible object?
  2. oh yay! It works thank you so much. Now the next question would be (seeing that I have 2 spawners in my world) how would I go about deleting one of them?
  3. So I know you can do c_countprefabs("") to find the number of certain things in your world. I am trying to use this to make sure I didn't accidentally create 2 ant lion spawns. But whenever I run the command, I have no idea where to check to see the number. Is it in the command screen or what? Any help would be awesome thanks!
  4. So what I'm sensing from the replies to this thread is that klei needs to dedicate an update to creatures and taming them! It'd be so cool to be able to justify taming different types of beefalo, maybe they can get certain attributes or abilities that show on the beefalo? For example, a fighting beefalo would be able to have some type of war paint on it. Maybe I can craft items such as bows or clippers that allow me to change colors and hair styles. Someone before mentioned taming a koalefant, YES! This could be amazing, because it adds even more wiggle room to allow for different looks and traits. It'd be amazing to find that perfect balance between endgame customizable aesthetic items and practical mid game boons to game play. What if klei added a way to travel through the sea on a mount? *Cough* Gnarwail *Cough* This seems like a no-brainer: similar to beefalo gnarwail's have a few uses, (with horns) but overall aren't super necessary. Now they could be! Here's a faster way to travel through the ocean that we've been craving, but it's gated by requiring a tamed gnarwail. It could re-form how annoying mobs such as malbatross are fought, no longer do I have to worry about her running away from me and the tedious raising of anchors and hoisting of sails; I can chase after her on my gnarwail and perform some type of horn attack. Heck, maybe you can use your trident while on top of animals, adding a use to an item that is not really worth it (IMO). What if super late game I could attempt to tame a hostile animal such as an ewecus. Besides steel wool I don't see any use for this animal, and it'd make going on hunts more exciting! Oxygen Not Included was a game lacking in this regard until klei put out the critters update making that aspect of the game so much more exciting, I feel as though it would make the game way more enticing if the same was done for DST. Not only would it fix a system that frankly isn't worth my time currently, it would also add great end game depth in animal taming and domestication, and would create an exciting new meta of boss fights if animal taming was an actually viable strategy. Just my two cents!
  5. Anyone know how to obtain the Winter's Feast Lantern captioned in the post? Looks amazing but I can't find it as a belonging in game or on steam market...
  6. Hoping that we can get more ways to receive points soon, I'm 200 away from getting every belonging and I can't wait.
  7. Instagram goes directly to Facebook, and did we get rid of the subscribe on youtube reward?