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  1. Cheap PvP Tactics

    Ya, I totally get what your saying... The thing is that we all had free choice as to what character we wanted to choose so it was their call to play Wilson. Also, I get what people are saying abt this being a cheap tactic even with STS, I was just trying to find another way to kill someone instead of just getting the normal darksword, footballs helmets, and bluecaps and just hitting and running. Thanks for all the feedback
  2. Cheap PvP Tactics

    I get what your saying but let's say I was playing as wicker and I did the same strat but with sleepitime stories, would it be cheap then?
  3. Hi, today me and a couple of my friends started to play on a pvp server that I had set up (complete with a loot area and all) Me and my other friend (who I'll refer to as player #1) played as Wolfgang and my last friend (who I'll refer to as player #2) played as Wilson. From the beginning, I found a stoneyard and loaded up on a huge amount of Nitrite. Next, I went to Glommer's statue and gained a haiku flute. From their, I got a hoard of wood and grass (part of the wood I made in boards) as well as getting 17 nightmare fuel, 40 bluecaps, and 23 pigskin. For the last couple days until we where allowed to go to the loot area, I farmed mosquitos and filled up their packs to get water balloons. During this time player #1 died. Finally, I teleported using a telelocater staff that I gave everyone from the start to the loot area, only to find player #2. As he started toward me, I put him to sleep with my haiku flute and then splashed him with 2 waterballoons. Next, I built an endothermic fire next to him and addding loads of boards to it. Then it was just rinse and repeat. After a while he got down to really low hp because of freezing and I was able to finish him off with 2 blows from a darksword. After this he proceeded to rage quit and claimed that my strategy was so cheap. I replied by saying that it was as good as any other strategy (especially with Wickerbottom) Do any of you find this strategy cheap enough not to use on a pvp server (their are ways to avoid this!) and if so are their any other strategies in pvp that make you rage?
  4. Thinking of a private DST server

    I'd totally enjoy playing on a server like that considering that most public servers are full of noobs and griefers... keep me poster on when this server is going up!
  5. Lost all Worlds!?

    I still have my older computer and I'm fine just playing dst on it so if I load up dst on my old computer it should work right?
  6. Hey, I was wondering if someone could try to help me with my problem before I quit the game entirely. A long time ago (Back when I was really new to the game) all of my worlds randomly deleted and I didn't do anything differently then what I usually did, I just logged on to dst one day and they where all gone. So I obviously got mad for a little bit (it was around 30 + hours of gametime) but I realized that I was so new to the game and I had so much to learn that it was probably I good thing that I could start over. (Problem solved, or so I thought) Now fastforward around a year, hear I am now signing into dst. I don't know if this matters at all but I got a new computer so I had to resign into steam and stuff first. So I go into dst expecting to work on a mega-base build (500 + days) to find that all of my worlds have been deleted (AGAIN!!) and that in their place are the worlds that I thought where deleted from ages ago. I'm very frustrated finding that everything was deleted (It was 250 hours + of playtime) and before I totally quit the game for good I was wondering if someone could try to help me figure out what's going on and how to get my world's back (or how to stop it from happening to other players)
  7. Hi, after figuring out many of the games mechanics and being able to survive a year without any issues on my own, I've started to join public servers to play with others. While playing on a public server, it's obvious that a major problem is players joining on a later day (Ex: day 15) and then not being able to find any started items and then dying as well as not ever being able to obtain the rarer items that most of the players that have played on the server already have already gotten. I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas for making it just a bit easier for players joining a server a little late such as maybe leaving a chest at spawn filled with items.
  8. Can't wait, going to try to join but connection might be a little bad since Moscow is pretty far away. Hopefully I don't forget!
  9. Rushing the Ruins (DST)

    Thanks for the welcome and the help! I guess I never considered a miners hat a good source of light early on but it seems easy enough, especially for being able to fight stuff without having to put down a lantern as long as your wearing a log suit as armor.
  10. Hey, I've started playing dst solo lately just for the challenge of having many mobs having more health. I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips to help me rush the ruins better while playing dst. While I rush, I play as Wx-78 and here's sort of a list of what I get done by days: Day 1 through 3 - I use these days on the surface to gather basic materials such as twigs and stone as well as gather loads of pig skin and prototype a lab machine, a firepit, a chest, and a crockpot for a quickbase in the ruins. I use a strategy where I hammer down the pig houses in the birchnut biome to get around 18 pig skin as well as all the cut stone and wood planks that I need for prototyping. Then I trade in 5 pig skin to the pig king for the 5 gold I need to make a science machine and then a lab machine as well as gathering the 13 pig skin I need for helmets. Finally, I gather at least 2 stacks of cut grass to refine into rope for spears, football helmets, and log suits. Day 4 through 6 - These days I craft a lantern and explore. First I try to find a rabbit village for 2 meat (Hambat for Ruins) and to gather loads of carrots for food (Spoilage doesn't matter) Also, I dig up a shovel worth (Around 52) of blue caps for healing and sanity. Then I just explore in order to find the ruins. Day 7 through 12 - During this time, I explore the ruins enough to find the location of an ancient pseudoscience station, statues, nightmare fissures, and the labyrinth (Ancient Guardian) Then I find a relatively safe area near the heart of the ruins and away from splamonkey spawners (Deadly during nightmare phase) and nightmare fissures and put down my prototyped stuff for a quickbase so I don't have to wear a backpack. Around this time I cook 14 bluecaps and up my sanity so I don't have to worry about additional nightmare creatures. Next, I explore, fighting shadow clockworks, hammering broken clockworks, and mining ancient statues. I also eat gears as needed to up my sanity and health (The goal being fully maxing out my stats) After collecting loads of ruins items, I go back to my base. Day 13 through 17 - During this time, I will go to an ancient pseudoscience station and craft a theulicite club and armor as well as a magiluminessance. Finally, I go to fight the ancient guardian grabbing all the chests on the way. Finally I take out the ancient guardian and grab it's horn as well as the loot in the ancient chest. At this point, I craft a final hambat with the meat that I gain for any fights I might encounter on my way out. Days 15 to 17 are usually just transporting all the materials from my quickbase on to the surface and crafting any ruins gear that I might need before I go This is pretty much the end of my ruins rush, from this point on I kill clops with my ruins gear, gain a walking cane so I can go back down to craft a lasy explorer and a houndius shootious. Then I just play as normal but with the added perks of playing with ruins gear.