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[help] Creating a sword and shield

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I would like help as to using a sword and shield (one item). I'm sure I can do the stats I need etc but I would like to know if there is an easy way (or even A way) to equip two seemingly independent items in either hand (one in left, one in right) or whether I'd need to make a new animation using spriter and Ktools.

Thanks for the help, ProtoStar

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You would definitely need to create a new animation in spriter if you want your character to dual wield which would be extremely hard since you'd basically have to remake all the animations in the game to have a dual wielding version..

But..there maybe a way to go about dual wielding in a way that wouldn't need to redo all player animations (I don't know if this's possible though). So, if there's a FollowSymbol for a specific hand like the left hand or whatever's opposite of the hand that holds a equipped tool (I don't know if there's one), then you could maybe make your other tool follow that hand with this code to make it look like he's dual wielding? That way you wouldn't have to recreate every single player animation for holding another equippable & you'd only need to create a new animation for a dual wielding attack/ dual wielding work.

if fx ~= nil then
	fx.Follower:FollowSymbol(inst.GUID, "hand", 0, 0, 0)


Sorry I couldn't be of much help...& good luck to you :)!

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