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  1. I imagine that it would be like willow's fire insanity thing (in terms of random position), I checked for the code used in the terror beak and found no function I could use, any help pls?
  2. I found the mentioned code in the gun.lua file, I changed the "gun" to "boltgun" (as it was when I got it.) What happened: - I have no clue how, but changing the build in the gun prefab file made my character appear. - More bizarrely, the gun is still invisible? Thank you a ton for your time, it really helped :3
  3. TL;DR, My item has no image or name when dropped, the file is below in .zip format, Please help! (Useful info at the bottom) I decided, seeing as some of my friends (we're all incapable) were modding, I was mostly helping code (That's why the art is all... random and unrelated). I ran into an error; when I drop any item on the ground, or spawn it in, it disappears. When I hover over it; there's no name, no picture and no highlight. Please help me out! Here are some things that may help: (private mod for friends) I copied the "Bolt Gun", made by emistro the "GreenGuy420", and have thus far renamed the mod to "gun" instead of "boltgun" -I assume it's a naming issue, however, I have used build renamer and have extensively looked at each build.bin, anim and even xml to attempt to spot the error, no luck. -Yes, the code is copied. I just want my character to have this weapon so i'll merge the folders later ;P (My character isn't copied and pasted) Thinggun.rar
  4. hello. i am new to DST modding and tried to make a character but got a vast majority of errors, after looking in log.txt 9000( or over ) times i got an error i could not fix, any help appreciated. pleeeeease don't use the art, i do not see why you would want to as it is bucket tool on paint.net over wilsons art but whatever. log.txt Michaelh.zip
  5. i have another broken mod (http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/50008-help-dont-starve-together-character-mod-help-needed/) but i think i will try to fix, then i will learn, then i can help others too!
  6. Remove these two assets from your wand.lua and remove the recipe from wand.lua as well. It will work. Now you should be able to alter the wand.tex and wand.xml to your desires. thank you sooooo much, it works, (it is invisible when held but hey!) *i think i can fix this, i will add ALL assets from wand.lua to the modmain.lua*
  7. This means that you're .tex file is inaccurately sized or your .xml is not pointing to the proper region where the image is located. Use the zip file I provided to create an exact replica for placement of your item. Once that is completed copy the .xml I provided and change the name inside of it to suit your .tex file and remember to rename your .xml file to the same as your .tex file. If you create an exact replica you should have it working. I made a replica... in the region, however even after renaming it all and the dug_reeds in the atlas, it did not work... log.txt michaelwand.zip
  8. This indicates that your region area in your wand.tex and wand.xml file are not correct. You should recreate the wand.tex and wand.xml file and make it look like the following if you want it for inventory item. inventoryimages.zip still broken, shows this if it is any help log.txt michaelwand.zip after i uploaded this i recreated the TEX file, same error.
  9. it did not work new uploads: michaelwand.zip log.txt log.txt
  10. Into your prefab file instead of having it in the modmain.lua file. Also add this line to import the .tex file as an asset. This goes in your prefab file as well. Also add these lines to your prefab file under the inventoryitem component to see if it will help. After making these changes, test it again and see if it still displays issues. thank you, i shall try this
  11. I have fixed that, but i am having a new error any help? when i go to hover over the recipie, it crashes, i commented out the recipie and replaced with sticks, the light on the .WAR tab goes green. however, even c_give("wand") crashes my game. help? log.txt