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  1. Hey. local function OnEat(inst, food) if food.prefab == "redgem" or food.prefab == "bluegem" then inst.components.hunger:DoDelta(100) inst.components.health:DoDelta(50) end end Will give you 100 hunger and 50 sanity for eating a redgem or a bluegem. Just edit it as you will
  2. As this is an obscure topic and has generated no replies, yet many views, I assume y'all would like to know the fix. I added " inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle_loop", true) " to mace.lua (where inst.addcomponent("weapon") (or smthng like that) is). It loops but still layers, but good enough XD I'll fix it later. Good luck if you try! ProtoStar.
  3. The framerate seems choppy but is good enough to see the animation. No, that's not my fps, SOM won't let you record well unless you pay 1 squillion £$£
  4. I place it on the floor and each frame it seems to "layer" the last frame. I checked and the animation is correct in spriter. As it's hard to screenshot an animation; I made a video, less than a min long with no audio, explaining the problem. Nothing seems wrong in the log, which is attached below, and I added the full mod (yes, it's messy. yes parts don't work yet.) The item's prefab name is "mace" and if you see "gun", that's the last mod I worked on and I can't be bothered to delete it Thank you for your time and effort, ProtoStar. Dont starve animation.mp4 client_log.txt The mod.rar
  5. That sounds good, If I stop it from attacking and add some absorption that could work. I'll post when I encounter something interesting!
  6. bump
  7. I would like help as to using a sword and shield (one item). I'm sure I can do the stats I need etc but I would like to know if there is an easy way (or even A way) to equip two seemingly independent items in either hand (one in left, one in right) or whether I'd need to make a new animation using spriter and Ktools. Thanks for the help, ProtoStar
  8. I was looking at a meteor shower then thought that I might be able to use that to make a sort of "PK Starstorm" like attack (Brawl version, not the unavoidable, almost polar opposite, actual version :P) So; would I be able to just add a new component and remove the rock spawning, then add a custom projectile using local projectile = SpawnPrefab("star") or am I missing something? Just asking so I don't spend 5 hours or something doing the wrong thing Thanks for you help, ProtoStar.
  9. inst:AddTag("mime") Goes under the master_postinit, not the common_postinit. Try that. Also, the miming uses an animation file for each ligament and thus works with ALL characters so you don't need any special tampering to make it mime.
  10. Need help with prefab error

    That is correct, and can't you get winrar? It's not a missing entity or an extra one in the prefabs though.
  11. Art for help with coding Creatures/Characters!

    Very sorry, but nobody can help you unless you post: - The error log, found by typing "donotstarvetogether" into the windows box and opening log.txt - The mod file; send it as a .zip through WinRar and people can look to see what code is actually wrong. Good luck, Mikey99222.
  12. [help] pet making/coding

    Well, the health can be done straight on the character by adding inst.components.health:StartRegen(amount, time) Into the section your health is in (master_postinit). inst.components.health:StartRegen(1, 5) will heal One health every Five seconds. As for pets the mod "glomster" could provide a framework (off of the steam workshop) Good luck.
  13. I have looked all over this mod, checked each individual prefab reference, but still get a prefab error. Upon launch, when I hit "host game" and open a server with this mod (Michael+) it'll crash after a few seconds and instantly close. No whitescreen. The log gives no useful information other than the fact something is wrong with the prefabs (pasted below) I was just hoping some more experienced modders could decipher the issue as I am unable to. Thanks, Mikey99222 client_log.txt The mod.rar
  14. hello. i am new to DST modding and tried to make a character but got a vast majority of errors, after looking in log.txt 9000( or over ) times i got an error i could not fix, any help appreciated. pleeeeease don't use the art, i do not see why you would want to as it is bucket tool on paint.net over wilsons art but whatever. log.txt Michaelh.zip