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Emptying Hydroponic Tiles

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So I created 8 hydroponic farm tiles, planted some meal lice into them, and then proceeded to pump water into them. Later on after nothing was irrigated, I realized that meal lice needs polluted water. Silly me. However, when I went to empty the storage of clean water so I can pump the polluted water, it isn't emptied. I've put all the tiles on 9 priority, yet none of my Dupes will empty the storage. Is this a bug and I'll have to break and rebuild the tiles, or am I missing something here? Thanks!

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18 hours ago, Lifegrow said:

Can you supply a screenshot ?

It will be dumped out in little blue bottles that you will need to empty :) 

The first screenshot is my setup on the standard view.

The second one shows my pipe setup. The polluted water is not flowing into the tiles.

The last one shows on the bottom right the status of one of the tiles. You can see that the tile has "Empty storage" selected because "cancel empty" is displayed. It is also on a 9 priority so it would be done immediately, and it's not. The same settings apply for the rest of the tiles.

Other users are responding saying it's a known bug, but just in case I'll post this in case it helps. 




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Try deconstructing not the tile but the pipe you painted there, with deconstruct->only water pipes, and then paint your tiles, this may fix the problem.

In my case I found that if I make the pump, then the tiles, and then I make all the piping (as the dupes will construct random parts of it) for no reason I get the bug that broke your tiles, even when it was no water inside the pipe yet and everything was very confused, so I deconstruct all, make the tiles, make the piping conecting them, and then when was finish I conected it to the pump and everything went fine... "sorry for bad english" hehe I hope this helps, I dind't read about someone notice this yet (that is needed to deconstruct the pipe, not the tile, or not only the tile)

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