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  1. [Game Update] - 333702

    ohhhhhhhh thank you very much!!
  2. [Game Update] - 333702

    I wanna know what's that n_nU I couldn't find anything about it in the forums... did anyone talk about it? or I am missing something real simple?
  3. [Game Update] - 333702

  4. Problems with Matt's Tools

    Hi, I don't remember how I did that in the frist place (years ago) but I do know that I probably changed the properties of the .tex files, in order to make them open by TEXTool by default. So, now when I double click a .tex file it automatically just opens. (Right click on any .tex file>Properties>It opens with: --here you select your TEXTool program---). Second, I am not sure how to use TEXCreator myself, I never used it, and never needed it much either... What you exactly need? because you can convert a .png file into a .tex file or a .tex file into a .png file using ktech Edit: some visual help (even in spanish you will recognize the properties window, if you have windows 7 or similar)
  5. How make transformations?

    Maybe you can read the code for Woodie too to see if answer some of your wuestions? He transforms under a certain requirement, it could be useful for your intentions I think. Good luck!
  6. It could have the same as the parasol at least?
  7. Wagstaff Static

    It is due to your hp level. Heal up and you will se the difference
  8. [Game Update] - 307715

    I think you are right, and despite being upset with some kind of people in real life I didn't mind at all have another stereotype person on a game I like so far. I played a little with him and enjoyed a lot the experience. I think is kinda hypocrite being upset about that, considering almost all the other characters have dark sides aswell, some of them even darker and deeper than Warbucks. yes! Exactly, I was waiting for him to work like that, since it was so well plant-sided that I simply thought he would gain sanity(or even health, just as WX-78 loses health) from water, or at least don't lose sanity. But, silly of me, I got really disapointed in that. Also about the rot, I ate it just to know if it would be good for him, but again no... I want to also mention that only common seeds can be planted on the ground by him, specific crop seeds can't.
  9. I think as I said, if they sell only the skins not much people will buy them (as they explicitly explained there). But still it is a good idea to sell the old classic skins (like the 3 skin sets they mention) for people who really want to buy them, but sending their money to Klei instead of to other players by comunity market. I would love to see the rosetate to buy aswell, the sets i really LOVE i will still buy because reasons
  10. THANK YOU KLEI you are the best so far, I am very excited about ALL the news! and also I agree with the characters costing money, being able to wave them, so the actual world-changing update doesn't cost any! thank you very much, you never stop amazing me wondering how are you even able to survive with all the FREE and more free content you give us so far and keep doing it ♥ PS: indeed I stoped buying skins because i was having a bad economic time and I though "they are just aestetics, I will not buy them anymore, sadly u_u" but for actual characters I will be glad to give you some money again to support you!! Is always nice for players who care about your sustainability a fair way to support you n_n love you Klei
  11. I think THIS is pretty accurate. That explains really great why we experiment the aporkalypse on the game (on the plateu, I don't know if we are "in the constant" or not) but yes, is a system with 2 satellites, and is understandable that the ancient pigs that made the calendar placed the plateu (or "the hamlet world") in the center of the system. Edit: like ancient human civilizations believed that earth was the center of our system. In this image you can clearly see that you are, along with the moon, suffering a lunar ecplise (the aporkalypse around us, the bloodmoon in the day indicator), while watching a solar ecplise anyway... (like in the trailer, maybe) hard to explain and understand, but deep lore if we are in the correct train of thinking.
  12. Same here. Thank you a lot @Zillvr, I already sent the report properly and with the command you said I could unlock myself. It wasn't necesary to save and quit because BFB abducted me before I could pause it and then after loading the nest island I spawned normally. (it took a while longer than before to load that island i think, but i can't tell for sure, I tought my game was freezed in black screen but then it loaded just fine). I can say that I walked directly to the mouth of BFB right after he stomped the floor, and that's when I got stucked, if that's for any help.
  13. Bird Whistle crashes the game

    I confirm I had this bug too. Exact the same bug, exact the same warning i received. I just played the bird whistle and that (what you see in the pic) happens. (I already was on the island because i used the item on day 44 and the Roc came at least 2 times by then)
  14. I think this should be updated, so many links are dead (dead posts) and I think it still is a good place to start for new modders
  15. I made it! it works now! I didn't have to unisntall everything fortunately, first I decide to run a integrity verification from steam in the local files and it fixed something small, then I tested again and yes, my template was working to So! I started a brand new game and this time I picked the dupes I wanted, and yes!! it didn't crash and it worked fine! So now I will have hours of fun with my new game n_n and save the file before doing nothing just in case I want to restart using the same world in the future e_e... I don't know what causes this, but I will let this here in case anyother user get the same problem. I can only tell in clean: 1. I started a new game as usual, with the build that ends in 93 (after the 23...777 build, I can search the number if necessary) 2. the game generated the world correctly and gave me the state of picking my dupes and colony's name 3. The game crashes just after clicking the embark button. 4. Apparently this causes my starting base template get broken 5. After that point I was unable to get the starting base template, nor print it myself by debug mode, nor printed by the game in a new game, nor even in a save file that works normally. Cheers and if this helps you devs in something is a pleasure for me to posted it! Here are the broken template and the working one: startingBaseBroken.yaml startingBase.yaml