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More than 6 players?

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another way could be editing the cluster file, go to the klei folder in mydocuments, then go to donotstarvetogether and finally choose the slot, inside of the cluster_# folders you can edit the cluster.ini, there you can change the players limit

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1. Go to your Steam Library and right click Don't Starve Together and click properties
2. Click the tab labeled Local Files
 Click Browse Local Files
4. Open the Data folder
5. Open the Scripts folder
6. Go to Tuning (I recommend using the search bar)
7. Hit Ctrl+F and type in MAX_SERVER_SIZE and then hit Enter

The default value for the max server size should be equal to 6, but you can adjust it to whatever number you want (capped at 64).
Note: every new update will override your game data and set the value back to the default 6, so you'll have to go back and change the server size after every new update. This only applies for creating new servers though, so if you already made a server with a max player size of 8, then it wouldn't reset back to 6.

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