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  1. When you fail your job just right God Bless whoever did this picture
  2. She's pretty bad at it anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Characters should be added from shipwrecked to the DST game just because the more characters = the better. Characters don't have to be good to be played, they can be a challenge, they can be fun, they can be just nice with their sounds and quotes (Woodleg ♥) If SW as a whole gets ported i'd rather have it as a world generation option, so that servers could be split between SW and RoG. I don't want a server that has both types of content because that would be WAY too much. It would add a lot of variety to the game though to be able to choose which "game" you want to host your world in. But there is something more important to do before SW gets ported: KILL. CHARLIE.
  4. Once people connect they can tell you the exact ping. My friends ping just 40 in my own personal server, but since it's a "???" server nobody will want to join it, which is a real shame because i have some nice ideas to play and sadly my friends can't always play with me
  5. Excuse me? You can win the skins just by playing every week. Furthermore you ALL are: 1) NOT forced to buy them. Ehy guys, Steam trades, ever heard of that? 2) NOT forced to buy them : it's a skin , won't give you any addictional skill 3) NOT forced to spend any money on it: Drop yourself a rare skin which you don't like , sell it for x €/$ and buy the skin you like for y €/$ They literally get NO money out of the skins. Only players do ^_^
  6. *comes with one-man-band ready to party* *No patches regarding Willow* "O-oh.. Next time.. next time?"
  7. Hi everyone, yesterday i found out that by pressing E or Q just once the world looks a lot better o_o" I always hated creating bases because something didn't feel right... I wonder why don't they just turn the main camera so that it always displays the screen like that
  8. Bump! I tried doing the port forwarding for port 10999 as the guides told, but that was useless for me. Next i tried to open up the ports for my "Master" and my "Caves" server.ini ports, but that didn't work either I even made sure that all the programs are running as administrator and allowed by the Windows Firewall. I would like to know how to fix this too EDIT: actually for some reason the "Public port range" goes back to 10899 even if i type in 10999 for some reason. This is probably why it won't work for me, but i don't know how to force the router to stay on 10999
  9. If only people could respect those 3 simple rules.. but sadly: 1) Enter, picks character , asks "BASE???11111!!11!" if you tell them "we can't help you right now" they will just insult you and your family and leave 2) Enters in winter, dies after 0.3 seconds, goes around asking for base, help and why he should leave 3) Enters the game, finds an egg, wastes 99% of his time preparing food other people collect and hatching his egg, just to see his new smallbird killed by some other player and then griefing the whole server. Those people will get mad once kicked and have a bad mood for the whole day. if everyone could respect those simple rules everything would be better and the community would be more clean and friendly. Heck i too join in winter sometimes as woodie, i chop myself some trees, i survive a few days, once people "accept" me i will show them what i can do , if i find their base i will force them to accept me, but i sure as hell won't die day 1 without putting up a fight (?) and if i do i will just leave immediately to not disturb "old players"
  10. Does that really make such a huge difference? I feel like Willow is still just a bit better then Wes now i would like her to be just.. better. Not to play her, i'm not interested at all, but to see her played sometimes on the un-modded servers. It's nice to see variety, it's the main reason why i want the SW characters to join the party By the way .. About the vote kick upgrade, which is AWESOME .. What about a "Regenerate World" fix too? Same rule applies. I feel like only people who survived 20 days or the OLDEST player on the server should have the right to say "ok boyz we manured up the world, let's begin again! " Think about this Klei!