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  1. Moslings and bbq sauce

    m00se. now THAT'S cheating the system.
  2. Inventory Layout Showcase

    Mostly i just shove regular, daily materials into my inventory. 1-5, basic materials. 6-10, food items. 11-15, character-specific items and tools. backpack is normally filled with saplings, ruins loot, resources or materials from whatever task i'm doing at the time.
  3. Showing off your outfits [2]

    i suffer with bag ping, n o w y o u s h a l l s u f f e r t w o
  4. Showing off your outfits [2]

    A true gentleman. Pajama Wendy is a precious being which we must keep safe
  5. 100% gotta be Wilson. He scares me. one second you're walking around, happy as can be. Then the beard takes over.
  6. Any unknown mechanic to share?

    already made a post about what i figured out, so i'll just sum it up here. Your characters sometimes looks certain directions while moving diagonally. if you learn which way your character tends to face, you can figure out where north is without a compass.
  7. so, as someone who wants to create good artwork (or at the very least, drawings), i want to learn more about the basics and ask for a few tips about drawing on the forums. right now, my drawings are kinda bad. here's an image of what i'd consider my "best" drawing so far. Personally i wouldn't mind tips on how to get a good, basic "style" going between drawings. i'm also struggling with making characters look in certain directions without messing up the drawing. I'm stuck with using MS Paint due to not wanting to spend money on drawing tools, sadly. a link to any good drawing websites would be appreciated.
  8. Screenshot showcase

    Guess I'll post some screenshots I've gathered while playing. Apparently the Frogs and Bees decided to have a war in the middle of this random grasslands while i watched during Frog rain. Everything is fine if you just ignore Wilson. H e ' s s t a r i n g i n t o y o u r s o u l Basically an average Tuesday right here, folks My first time repairing a marble statue! i found a glitched nest, then got hit by a spider that far on my own server. hold up. WX-78, now touring in the PK biome!
  9. Screenshot showcase

    it's extremely normal, trust us! in all seriousness, we moved to a different base and it turned out pretty good. i even dedicated a graveyard to everyone who died in the early days while there weren't any glands. all in all, pretty fun.
  10. Screenshot showcase

    After buying wortox, i joined a world which had some really good players in it. we actually had a really good base set-up! Sadly, one of us kept griefing the base and we only had 4 people (including me) left at the start of deerclops. everyone dies and i'm left to fight deerclops alone. thankfully, someone else rejoins and we just barely take him down. this was the last screenshot i took before i left. it was fun!
  11. Screenshot showcase

    beat the dragonfly for the first time in a legit run!
  12. Screenshot showcase

    Sleeping part 2: wilson loses his mind over a constant sanity drain how cute this hound is!
  13. Screenshot showcase

    decided to try out the whole "nomad" style of gameplay and tried farming tumbleweeds. effectively became the richest wilson on the server.
  14. Screenshot showcase

    so i was messing around with godmode and decided to have a rest with bearger.
  15. Sometimes, some players say something in chat that comes up as ??? for me. it's pretty annoying when someone's talking to you but their text keeps coming up as ??? for some reason. anyone know how to fix this?