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  1. I don't want counter strike stuff please, only DST skins
  2. Spools

    thanks but this way is too expensive, I think the skins are INCREDIBLY cheap even more with the complete pack, I mean, how much an elegant can cost in steam market? its ridiculous and getting the one you want via drops? I don't know how that feels, and suddently this awesome skins came at a pretty reasonable price and with an incredibly high chance of drop (unless you are me), but I need 3 elegants to make one, maybe if the forge items skins where purchasable then they wouldn't be so special, I was thinking on purchase some of my favorite characters, at the end I bought the full set not for the skins but for supporting klei and this kind of events for the future. I'm still wanting to buy spools, buying elegants and unravel them feels bad
  3. Spools

    Klei please, let me buy spools almost 60 pugna's chests and not a single elegant yet, or at least add more variants to the forge, then the grinding will be less painful
  4. The new Beta Tester reward arrived!

    This is our reward? I like it, honestly, but can we use it outside the forge? could we use it when the forge ends?
  5. I never saw this happening and may not be a bug but I want to report it, the boarrior came one round earlier!, in the 2 boarillas round they got reinforcements after the first boarilla is killed, right? in one of my matches the boarrior came along with the second reinforcements horde, then we had one almost dead but enranged boarilla, some crocomands, pit pigs and the great boarrior, I'm level 51 but I'm don't know how to deal with all those foes at the same time, tell me if I'm wrong, I don't know what exactly triggers the boarrior round and don't know what mistake we could possibly did, were doing it quite fast by the way
  6. What skins did you get?

    I'm level 51 and I didn't get any elegant yet, klei... why I am so jinxed, did I bothered you lord nome and your glorious potato cup? I always play nice and I never discriminate the low level players
  7. I'm level 42 and including 3 forge chests that I got from the regular survival game I have not won ANY elegant yet, is quite upsetting because all of my friends got at least 2 elegants already, even with a lower level and of course less chests, even unraveling I have enough for just one elegant and is pretty slow leveling up now, so, these are my stats: elegant chance --> 0% 4 commons in a single chest -->50% everything else -->50%
  8. Hi, I'm learning about this, and with the help of the guides here in the forums I managed to replace 2 of the songs, I used these guides: if you have questions I'll try to answer them
  9. unfortunately I did not see how it happened, I think a pig could have pushed it, she stayed out of the arena unable to attack or move
  10. well, let's see, what would you want from my inventory and what you may offer?, feel free to send an offer, you should see all my stuff now with that link
  11. use this guide instead you will get the same results and in less steps, is pretty much easier
  12. Hi, I just updated my list of unwanted items, please don't offer me games or counter strike stuff, I want more DST skins
  13. at least is confirmed that the halloween event will be like the last year one?, maybe new mechanics? new skins?, the last year ones will back? I mean, should the characters use the same costume every hallowed nights?, it would be awesome if everyone get a new costume
  14. I got the catcoon backpack again, is my third time, I got just 4 elegant skins in my 1000+ hours and 2 of them were these backpacks, (I got the third one from the ONI alfa) I don't like it but I think klei is trying to tell me something, if I got another of these backpacks I'll confirm my curse, at least these things are a bit expensive I have other things for trade like the WX-78 triumphant set and the weatherbeaten torch (actually on market, ask for it if you want it)
  15. Winona Rework

    really? how is that? that means that I can get 4 classys instead of my 4 regular commons?