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  1. Winona Rework

    really? how is that? that means that I can get 4 classys instead of my 4 regular commons?
  2. Meet Winona!

    Is she coming alone? there are more content pending?, I'm so excited for more stuff for the game itself
  3. is a pretty good collection, sorry, you have almost all of my most valuable items
  4. that means we are equally interested in this trade
  5. your inventory must be on public, actually is private, I can't see your collection
  6. there is a little bug in the dupes behaviour, they suddenly stop using bathrooms, they just refuse to use them and prefer to pee everywhere, my bathrooms were "ready to use" I had 4, it happened at cycle 40 with 15 or a bit more dupes. I saw a lot of weird bugs in their tasks, sometimes they got stuck going back and forward to one point without doing anything, I lost 2 of them because they refuse to use a ladder, these bugs are rare but are less rare since outbreak update
  7. sorry for the dumb question, if I have a server with the events in "default" means that the event in my server will change?, if I don't die can I play with all the events in the same server?, the events stacks? or just get disabled automatically when the event ends?
  8. [Game Update] - 229982

    excuse me, I found some bugs, should I report them individually? or can I just name them all in the same report?
  9. This bunch of sand keeps falling, I can send dupes to dig it but they get stuck in an eternal digging task I reloaded the slot and the sand finally fell, but still happening, this is not the first time I saw it
  10. Methods for Herding Animals?

    I'm not sure about this but the no eyed deers may despawn in summer or spring if there's nobody near, for the volt goats you must move one and kill the rest of the herd, BUT! I think you need to move it without teleportation, a friend told me about that, I never stole the whole herd before, I don't know if actually teleporting one goat may work, but I'm sure you need to kill all goats in the desert. Finally for the catcoon, go to the critter station and craft a kitty you will get a invulnerable pet, if you want an adult make fences, they don't starve I guess, just be careful if you with have a glommer
  11. if you can try to make some changes in your router configuration, I heard about people solving this issue with port forwarding, that weird router stuff, I'm not the best one explaining this, I solved it using the DMZ function on my server machine, of course you need to know how to configure your own router, good luck
  12. New skins

    how about more uses for the actual skins, I would like to use my chest skins on a dragonfly chest, maybe a little redesign or just the same but a bit bigger, how about the clasic firepit skins on a endotermic one? and the bearger pack (I forgot the name) I would like to use regular backpack skins on it
  13. updated again, now I only have this crock pot
  14. in DST Woodie is a boring character, you can't go nuts as beaver like in regular DS, I would like the same werebeaver mechanics in DST, maybe a bit less damage, armor or whatever you want, but as he is now is quite boring and unsatisfying, maybe adding a cooldown to change between human and beaver form could help with the balance