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  1. ISLAND in RoG

    hey pal, share your world, that's just too good, I need it
  2. thanks, let's see what already got but never opened
  3. since when can I get normal drops? I saved some curio chests and I want to open them without the chance of getting something from the event
  4. actually the game saves the outfit for each head, unfortunately the head skins are everything but "common", I like the idea, I'm always wear the same but it would be cool 2 or 3 custom outfits
  5. the rose skins will drop before the event, don't worry
  6. just to see how far can I go I'll take that in mind thanks, editing the tex file was my first plan but this will be more than a reskin, I'll try to keep the build.bin then
  7. post your steamlink so we can send you an offer, I was looking for that kitty just now, I edited my topic a few minutes ago here is mine send me an offer, we can probably make a deal
  8. I'm still not a fan of the critters but I want that kitty, maybe I feel some kind of empathy because I have cats I have an arctic vargling too, is ready for a new home, one with a good offer
  9. thanks, that means that I'm on the right way, but I still having troubles with compiling back them, I'm not sure if is normal that my animation gets 3 or 4 atlas files while I removed textures from an animation with just one, ok then I must find those rules
  10. hey pal, can you give us a hand?, we need instructions for the compiler and the decompiler, I'm using it but I think I did it wrong, the extracted animation is perfect but the png files are flawed, curiously I was following your instructions from this thread I'm sure you know how to handle these tools correctly, I'm not very comfortable using those bat files
  11. then it works, you have to open a cmd window and use it from there, you know how to do it?
  12. install both regardless if you are on x64 or x32, however you can get the missing dll file on there you can even learn where exactly the file must be placed, however this method only worked for me once too, if you still having that issue I don't really think this would help, at least give it a try. I would like to recomend the compatibility mode too but I'm out of ideas, I'm still waiting for help with this stuff too
  13. did you tried to install this, I had that issue once and that's how I fixed it, if not try to install manually that dll file
  14. how it crash? I'm able to use it, with some certain files I always get a flawed animation, but it works, anyways I would like to try an alternative too