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  1. spools lost

    this one right? client_log.txt
  2. spools lost

    Simple as that, I wanted the new berni skin, I use the spools required but I didn't get the skin, the animation worked and the spools were discounted but the skin keep the lock
  3. well, I saw very good sets here, It would be a shame if I don't share too, I don't have names or themes for each one, these are just my favorite sets
  4. That was a bug?, damn, we were trying to take advantage of it, as part of some strategies
  5. Hi, I'm here to say something that we all know for sure
    you are a homozygous

    1. Pab10Suarez


      I'm here to answer you some-
      I forgot it

  6. Excuse me, I want to learn how to use this api, I'm following the instructions using the temporary patch version, I can't made it yet, I was wondering if there are more proyects on the workshop that I can use as examples, more skinned "items" I want to use this api in a modded structure, the only mod I found that do this is the <default's> festive pack and its code its pretty confuse for me
  7. I don't think you lost them, while you are maxwell you keep them don't you? your char just can't use them, but I didn't tried that yet so, lets se?
  8. I agree with most of people here, this mechanic feels very exploitable it should have a higher price or some kind of cooldown, how about let you switch only once per character?, then that character is not an option anymore, just like touchstones that works only once on your character, then you will have only one chance to switch to certain character, you will have to take the maximum advantage of that before change again and eventually you will get stuck with the last character that you have, I would like more this new portal even if the character switch were random and you have to deal with your luck, or if the key uses an opal, then you must wait for a full moon to get the resources for one key. There are other exploitable features in the game but this one is the weirdest one, you just need moon rock, I really hope they change this, it feels lazy the way it is now and don't even use orange gems
  9. @Nova4 @Puka_Picante I hope you are happy with this
  10. I'm so sorry for being annoying I never complained before outside the bug report forums but there is really no way to get a lower level? my OCD will kill me if not, or anyway to get the new achievements without leveling up? I played so much gorge already with friends and strangers to get the level 99 and I don't want a single level more, please I'll do anything, where do I need to sign to give you my soul? 

  11. we found the problem, is the recipe book file in the klei folder, the corrupted recipe book cause crashes with lots of recipes, is there anyway to fix the file? I don't want to lose all my progress
  12. the time meter is over the safebox slots, it gets difficult to click on the first 3 slots sorry for put this in the wrong place, Scott said this is already fixed for the next upcoming patch
  13. I got this issue too, I used it before and now I can't, even with the file that I already decompiled before, something changed? I don't even changed the way to use it