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  1. in 2 days i kept playing with random people just for fun. We happened to crash (in total, 3 players) about 9 times. 9 times for 20 minutes = 180 minutes = 3 hours "wasted". Even if only one of your team crashes it's a big loss. Expecially if you forget to add them on steam.. At least make people Rejoin or gain the exp they would've gotten until that point. It's just such a waste. I never crashed during the forge, neither during my normal DST gameplay in the Klei servers. Only the gorge is making funny stuff happen. (No, i don't use mods)
  2. This. A true and honest feedback from a fellow player who loves your work: Please don't do an event that can last more than 30 minutes ever again. Your server (I'm sad to say this..) cannot hold up for that long since they are pretty unstable. So many people crashing after 30 minutes of hard work, finding themselves unable to come back and get whatever they worked hard for. You unlocked a new recipe? Sure thing buddy, but since you crashed you'll have to slaugher that beefalo once more. For the fifth time. You are 5 inches away from putting the Key in the hole? That's good to hear, how about the whole server crumbles down on you and you start again without getting any EXP? This is just my experience with the gorge. Great event, ruined by constant crashes...
  3. I keep crashing after playing for a while.. I was so close to getting the 18+ Meals achievement but my teammates and i crashed. We tried again and same stuff happened one hour wasted.. EDIT: Please extend the game mode by 1 or 2 more days. We are not able to play like this!
  4. Excuse me? You can win the skins just by playing every week. Furthermore you ALL are: 1) NOT forced to buy them. Ehy guys, Steam trades, ever heard of that? 2) NOT forced to buy them : it's a skin , won't give you any addictional skill 3) NOT forced to spend any money on it: Drop yourself a rare skin which you don't like , sell it for x €/$ and buy the skin you like for y €/$ They literally get NO money out of the skins. Only players do ^_^
  5. *comes with one-man-band ready to party* *No patches regarding Willow* "O-oh.. Next time.. next time?"
  6. Does that really make such a huge difference? I feel like Willow is still just a bit better then Wes now i would like her to be just.. better. Not to play her, i'm not interested at all, but to see her played sometimes on the un-modded servers. It's nice to see variety, it's the main reason why i want the SW characters to join the party By the way .. About the vote kick upgrade, which is AWESOME .. What about a "Regenerate World" fix too? Same rule applies. I feel like only people who survived 20 days or the OLDEST player on the server should have the right to say "ok boyz we manured up the world, let's begin again! " Think about this Klei!