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No torch allowed in the base!

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 So I invited my very noobish friend in my world. he said he played Dst before, I still warned him, no torch or lighter in the base! Aaargg. But, no he did not burned the whole base. ..

Me and my other friend were doing lots of stuff like little worker bees in their prime. I was telling him to do this, dont do that ; tips ; tricks ; suggestions. I think he was overwhelmed by the amount of information. I guess it is normal reaction, there's so much to know about this game when you think about it. Anyways, he got tired kinda fast and told us he was leaving for tonight.

-Okk, oh, can you make a bunch of Bernies before you leave?? (he was Willow) I then asked him to tell me what was needed.

- Ahem, silk, beard hairs and beefalo wool.

"Yess I'm gonna have an Army of dancing teddys" I tell myself. So i take a whole stack of silk, a whole stack of wool and 24 beard hairs. Then I stacked the stacks one on top of each other (kinda). 

He had his lighter equipped... and he right clicked on the stack of stacks.. . !!! I could not find the water ballons quick enough! We watched those precious ressources burn while we were running around like goofs.

This was exactly what I was trying to prevent when inviting him. Anyways, that could have been worse for sure. That was just funny and sad. I did not have any beard hair left ; not even one Bernie was crafted that day... He left just after... laughing... I had a very acid taste in my mouth. 


Had to share diss. Srry if that was boring. :/ 


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5 hours ago, HamBatter said:

He probably did it on purpose. You can drop things into peoples' inventory to prevent that.

6 hours ago, Pyr0mrcow said:

Nah it wasn't on purpose. He was very noob and not good with computers in general. The kind of noob that doesn't notice when you put something in his inventory. It is still what I should have done tho.

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