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  1. Cross Saving?

  2. Don't Starve Character Art, I guess

    It's nice to see people find this interesting! Here's the first in game build of the character: Or at least parts of it. I'm still working on it, and it's not necessarily something that goes quick. :T
  3. So I've been working on this new character, and I just made the mod icon (and my new profile picture). Herr ya goo.
  4. Cross Saving?

    So I've been playing Don't Starve on PS4 recently (not Don't Starve Together, just Don't Starve because as far as I know, you got rid of the Don't Starve PS4 section, if not, I'm just lazy and not looking.) and I have a couple of really good save files that I want to be able to play on the go, once I buy Don't Starve Giants Edition on PSVita. I want to know if you can cross save between PS4, PS3, and PSVita. If not, could the devs make plans to implement it?
  5. So I'm working on a character mod, (I'm not going to reveal it yet) but I wanted to have him turn into a bigger version of himself, (kind of like the werebeaver when Woodie chops too much wood) but I really don't know where to start, how to do it, and how I can do sort-of the same thing for other character mods in the future.
  6. need bigportrait help!

    I always turn my photoshopped pictures into the .png format after i've done editing them.
  7. Wisteria the Herbalist (BETA)

    Awesome character. But what about DST? If you don't mind, i'd like to maybe try to port this to DST. I could try to, anyways. So may I ask for permission to do so?
  8. need bigportrait help!

    Now i'm thinking a white box is better than it crashing every time I open DST... Should I try to "generate mipmaps"?
  9. haha, no wonder I thought I was unorigional saying this. And thanks for the help on the whole "I have no idea what i'm doing because i'm really new at this" thing. This has happened before, and i've obviously not learned from my mistakes.
  10. oops, wrong section how do I move these again?
  11. So I recently got Shipwrecked for DS on Console and have been playing it a lot. But when Don't Starve Together had it's full release on console too, I instantly bought and binged that. I switched back and forth from the two games, and thought, "Man, Shipwrecked is kinda hard. Don't Starve Together is easier with other people though. What if they put Shipwrecked on DST?" And thus, I started thinking of a way that Klei could do something like that. Would you want to see something like that? What do you think would and wouldn't work if they did decide to make this for Together? And most the important question: WHY ISN'T THIS ALREADY A THING?!?!
  12. need bigportrait help!

    I'm using TexTool 1.2.0, i think. I just took the bigportrait template and photoshopped my character on there. Idk if TexTool exported the file as what you included, but i will be sure to check that. Since this is one of the first mods i'm doing, I may be a little ignorant to some of the small details like this. But as they say, mistakes are part of learning. EDIT: Now using the settings that you recommended, it just crashes when it tries to load the bigportrait. I honestly have no clue what to do as of now XD
  13. So I've been working on a character mod for Don't Starve Together, and I went to make a bigportrait file, converted it into .tex, then put it into the folder. But when I went to the game, I saw a white box around the bigportrait (I covered up the character just because i want to keep that part a secret ) What causes this, and how can i fix it?
  14. Heh, It's been like a year since i've been on here last. But i'm finally back, and ready to do absolutely nothing with my life.