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What Should I Bring To The Caves?

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4 hours ago, Jade Wolfe said:

I've finished all I wanted to do in the surface world and now I'm thinking about tackling the caves.

What should I bring and what do I do once I'm down there?

well most people  build a base to get familer with the caves so bring basic building suplies
Jerky racks
Green and blue mushrooms
make a latern for work
use lightballs to refuel your miner hat

and bring samplings and grasstufs and pinecones with you and maybe a tent.

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Standard materials are building supplies and supplies for your desired pickaxe. You'll be mining a lot down there if you wish to maximize your total loot. Maybe some logs for cooking emergencies.

If you can get it, a Tam o' Shanter works wonders when paired with a Lantern, with a Walking Cane/Mining Hat switch when you're at high sanity.

I advise against using head armor for the most part, as you only have 3 options for fighting. Plop a stationary lantern down, use a Morning Star, or wear a Magiluminescence with a small light radius. Trust me, armor and a Mining Hat is the way to go.

If you can, get some Moggles going while you're exploring the caves. Sometimes, it's a great ability to see everything on the normally dark screen, even if the fuel is sort of spaced out.

I'll assume you'll eventually reach the Ruins, but I'd rather leave that as a surprise. It may be more wise to get a Caves base going. Just a fair warning, your farms and flowers need the shafts of sunlight upon them to survive. They'll simply die in the darkness.

That's all from me. For now, I have to-OOH A KITTY!

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