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  1. The 100-day-challenge

    WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, NO. STOP. EVERYTHING. We need to see Webber dressed up as his favourite superhero. The inspiration that he longs to become, the very legend he looks up to. We need to see Webber in a costume of... Da Mister L.
  2. The 100-day-challenge

    Durn straight.
  3. The 100-day-challenge

    Webber's beard actually grows fully into a manly beard by day nine, so even before the second winter.
  4. The 100-day-challenge

    Wait, Spider-Man coloured Webber! How could we be so blind?!?! And where's his winter beard? The drawing is awesome, but that's like Wilson shaving day one of Winter. 'Cuz artistic license.
  5. The 100-day-challenge

    Michael Jackson had a condition called vitiligo, that makes people lose the colour in their skin. This made him 'become white'. The joke was that Webber went from black to white. Don't yell at me, it was L's joke.
  6. Food.

    1. Barholomeow


      There. I put food in your feed.

    2. ImDaMisterL


      I like food. Thank you.

    3. Barholomeow


      You're welcome.

  7. The 100-day-challenge

    Thanks, it's awesome! Webber is always the most adorable, haha. It looks more like the Triumphant skin to me than the Guest of Honour, but honestly it's like a happy medium.
  8. The 100-day-challenge

    The eyes would have to be thinner and his mouth would be more euhg in a perfect world.
  9. The 100-day-challenge

    Hey this guy has a smart idea, you should try it.
  10. The 100-day-challenge

    Nonono draw Webber on Woodie's shoulders because Woodie would be a great canadad.
  11. The 100-day-challenge

    Woodie is Vigilante confirmed
  12. Ban Bartholomeow because no one else has fast enough Ban Bartholomeow because I thought I banned you the first time!
  13. Ban DatShadowJK and myself because I am too much of an evil mastermind.
  14. 84N D472)(4D9WWDK 63C4u2-3-3 WW)(47 D11D WW-3-3 Ju2T 24Y?!?!
  15. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    FRANKLY, my dear...
  16. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    You even snuck Webber in there, where is Woodie? I am legitimately angry, how dare you.
  17. The 100-day-challenge

    What about Woodie in Smash Brothers?
  18. Ban DatShadowJK because I did! But only awesome people can hear it.
  19. The 100-day-challenge

    Ew what she's like seventy
  20. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    The first time I played as Webber, it was around three AM, in RoG, I was all alone, and his voice made me jump like a foot in the air. It's not even scary. It's just weird, and I was way tired. But I digress.
  21. The 100-day-challenge

    I don't see why everyone likes Wickerbottom.
  22. Ban Destros09 because that sounds too much like a lot of words but not quite like any of them!
  23. Okay, thank goodness, we have been here for like 6 hours trying to do the second piece.