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  1. Been getting a lot more crashes lately for no apparent reason. The same on public servers as well as private dedicated servers and solo host worlds. The game has become unplayable with random crashes. Not only that I crash every time entering or exiting caves. I've been told others have experienced the same when they enter and exit caves.
  2. Followed on everything. But what happens if we unfollow after? I already have all the skins on the current rewards page, sad. Also you already know what's next for quests. We'll have to like their instagram posts and retweet for points. We've become bots.
  3. I can't place endothermic fire or the pit. I'm not playing wicker nor did I use celestial portal. But someone I'm playing with has done the celestial portal to turn into wicker.
  4. I've been playing on my friend's server for a week. Made normal fires and could precraft regular fires. After recent update, I cannot precraft or place down endothermic fires. It lights up as if I can create them (i have all the supplies) then cannot place them and the materials just go back into my inventory.
  5. Just finished the new update. All saves disappeared. All mods gone. Wiped the game clean.
  6. [Game Update] - 269380

    Just finished this update. All my saves and mods disappeared?
  7. Anyone else experiencing Stink Rays attacking sea walls? I had to build sea walls around my tar extractor and buoys because there were stink rays on the edge of the area and would wander in and aggro me when I pick up tar. It's worked well in keeping them out but they attack the sea walls for no reason and never de-aggro the sea walls. Started with 1 and now 2. Probably will be more. It's just weird, guess I will have to deal with it since it doesn't cause harm yet. Edit: I also killed them in hoping it ends but when they respawn, they just continue doing it.
  8. We'll have to use the quacken drill to make a tar slick then put down the tar extractor. Just more work and having to kill quackens.
  9. 2k world which is 100% explored. Re-explored 80% of the map since the update and no tar slicks or rainbow jellyfish. Shows up: Crocodog / Cormorant / Roe Not showing up: Rainbow Jellyfish / Tar Slick
  10. Shows up: Crocodogs / Cormorants / Roe Not Showing up: Rainbow Jellyfish / Tar Slicks Wiki says medium to deep water, I looked more than half of the map because I have two tar extractors ready to go so I can make the sea yard but I need the tar first.
  11. I saw that it forced the update which is fine but I wish the new stuff in beta would only apply to newly made worlds just like how old ROG worlds didn't have certain things (not 100% sure, only seen from some streamers). Experienced my first wave of crocodog but I had a huge toothtrap field ready. Usually I have the hound attack predictor on but it crashed when I entered the volcano so I had to turn it off. I guess the hound attack predictor might clash with the crocodog since it's a new thing. The days on SW and ROG are still off by about 100 days. I still think they have not fixed the volcano resetting the hound attack/crocodog timer every time you exit the volcano or caves. Still experiencing crashes going through the seaworthy at times.
  12. Volcano appeasement doesn't save

    I believe it only works if you stay in the volcano.
  13. Map Bug

    I think this happened to me when I first bought the game and played on a slow computer. I think you need a computer with a better graphics card and maybe more RAM. Now that I am on a faster computer, this no longer happens.