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  1. Did anyone not get a daily drop today? I think someone else didn't either (dst streamer).
  2. Wigfred and beverages

    Wigfrid should be able to eat butterflies.
  3. Only recently started playing DS again. Noticed bug when I left shift aka Force Container items into my crockpot, it disappears or magically shows up in the next crockpot. Anyone else get the same bug?
  4. QOL update report

    Please allow the whole team to focus on fixing the seaworthy from destroying saves. Please please please.
  5. QOL Speculation

    Don't we have smouldering? Not sure how it is different. I hope they bring bundle wrapping to DS as well as taming beefalo.
  6. I feel like it's kind of rare. I've only encountered it twice maybe and that was when I was new to the game, died and lost the world. But what can be done with them? What would be a perk to base on an island? I know hounds and giants will still spawn on the player so I can't really think of a good reason to base on an island. Curious what people do with them.
  7. You have a fun and interactive stream, Travis. Just need patience and maybe collab with other dst streamers (host and raid) to get more followers and viewers. I think you need like 150-200 constant viewers before they will accept partnership, even if they say you need less. You're great for the DST community, just need time to grow the channel.
  8. No to thermal stone durability. What about letting us tame beefalo? Biggest fix klei should focus on is fixing the seaworthy from destroying entire saves. Almost every DS player who has played a long time has told me they have ruined saves because of the seaworthy. Players aren't going to continue making 1k+ day saves only to have it destroyed. It ruins the game for them.
  9. I can't place endothermic fire or the pit. I'm not playing wicker nor did I use celestial portal. But someone I'm playing with has done the celestial portal to turn into wicker.
  10. I've been playing on my friend's server for a week. Made normal fires and could precraft regular fires. After recent update, I cannot precraft or place down endothermic fires. It lights up as if I can create them (i have all the supplies) then cannot place them and the materials just go back into my inventory.
  11. Just finished the new update. All saves disappeared. All mods gone. Wiped the game clean.
  12. [Game Update] - 269380

    Just finished this update. All my saves and mods disappeared?