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  1. Glad they recently made the glowcap last long but was it enough? Might still need more of a buff. And i think you only have to do it once or twice and use a deconstruction staff a few times? I think the funcap hat is a bad loot item. Either needs to be buffed a ton to provide light (not just random spores) and needs to last longer but honestly I would never consider it. The head gear spot is so important for either eyebrella, tam or miners hat. Just like I would never use hibernation vest or belt of hunger over a krampus sack/backpack. They should add other loot. I would suggest bundled wrap supplies of things that aren't that renewable. A bundle full of nitre, a bundle full of rocks, a bundle full of fish/frog legs. Makes sense cause hes a toad so hes part frog and eats fish probably. Eats rocks and nitre from being in the caves too. Misery toad should drop a bundle of green/yellow/orange gems, a bundle of gold/nightmare fuel and all the bundles mentioned earlier.
  2. Get'r done. Rather than install ShowMe mods, It should be standard in the game like the chest mini signs. Just a type-able area below the Wrap button right before they wrap. Or better yet, just implement the ShowMe mod into the game (leave or take whatever the devs want)
  3. Bunny Hat

    But you can say the same about the spider hat, you can start spider wars and reap the benefits for all the monster meat, silk and glands with little to no downside at all other than the fact that it's durability goes down fast. You don't even have to use up resources to get it either. Feed a few pigs some monster meat to kill a spider queen and free hats galore or even using a bunny farm and you get tons of free spider hats. Do you not see the food power of spider wars and getting tons of monster meat? Turn some of the monster meat into eggs and you can make meatballs all day. Make enough meatballs and bundle them, you never have to worry about food again in this game. There are other farms that do similar with little danger. Making catapults and using them on the spiders. Other then the resources to make the catapults and using gems or nitre to power them, it's a bunch of free monster meat, silk and glands with no danger to the player.
  4. Butter and goat milk is either rare or hard to get. Banana split sounds good but we do have banana pops.
  5. Similar to the beefalo and spider hat, it will allow bunnymen to not aggro the player wearing the hat while having meat in their inventory. Lots of players know the food power that bunnymen provide and doing bunnymen wars or using them to harvest silk/glands but even the best accidentally forget a meat in their inventory or while farming them and trying to pick up carrots before the bunnymen eat them all and accidentally picking up a meat. Many have died this way. There should be a better solution. Cost suggestion: 10 bunny puffs + 10 carrots (drown out the smell of meat) + 4 rope x prestihatitator = Bunnymen Hat Duration: 10 days (same as beefalo hat). Can be fixed using sewing kit for 50% Possible penalties: Sanity drain: -20/min (same sanity drain as holding dark sword) Limit: only protects up to 20 meat/monster meat in inventory
  6. Red gems in winter/spring?

    What about a varg farm?
  7. Followed on everything. But what happens if we unfollow after? I already have all the skins on the current rewards page, sad. Also you already know what's next for quests. We'll have to like their instagram posts and retweet for points. We've become bots.
  8. Still not impressed to consider playing warly. The chop less and more damage seem cool but very gimmicky. Not being able to eat anything not prepared in crockpot is a huge con. Chef pouch keeping food from going bad a little longer is not that great. Once you get a krampus sack, you'll ditch the pouch or even make an ice chester instead. They should up the inventory space of the pouch closer to a krampus sack. Will make people want to play warly. Warly doesn't like eating the same stuff so it just force you to make tons of farm or have to go out for more food resources. Might be okay temporarily if someone uses portal to change characters if they have tons of food in bundles they want to make more powerful then change back but the cons outweigh the pros for me. Maybe it's more a challenge character like Wes.
  9. I can't place endothermic fire or the pit. I'm not playing wicker nor did I use celestial portal. But someone I'm playing with has done the celestial portal to turn into wicker.
  10. I've been playing on my friend's server for a week. Made normal fires and could precraft regular fires. After recent update, I cannot precraft or place down endothermic fires. It lights up as if I can create them (i have all the supplies) then cannot place them and the materials just go back into my inventory.
  11. Just finished the new update. All saves disappeared. All mods gone. Wiped the game clean.
  12. [Game Update] - 269380

    Just finished this update. All my saves and mods disappeared?
  13. Anyone else experiencing Stink Rays attacking sea walls? I had to build sea walls around my tar extractor and buoys because there were stink rays on the edge of the area and would wander in and aggro me when I pick up tar. It's worked well in keeping them out but they attack the sea walls for no reason and never de-aggro the sea walls. Started with 1 and now 2. Probably will be more. It's just weird, guess I will have to deal with it since it doesn't cause harm yet. Edit: I also killed them in hoping it ends but when they respawn, they just continue doing it.