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Things that could make colonies last longer

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So currently the average life span of a colonie is around 30 days due to the lack of very very important resources like oxygen and water.

the additions of geysers are a life saver tho they might produce very limited amounts of water over time it's still a reliable source that won't deplete at least I think. So water may not be your problem like most it's oxygen around day 30 you just don't have enough Algea to last and your colonie is lost. Here are some suggestions for the longevity of our colonies.

Timer: Algea deoxidizers are currently our most effective way to supplie us with oxygen but they consume a lot of Algea and will continue to do so unless it's turned off. Your colonie can go almost a day with our oxygen production and turning on and off your oxidizer can get tedious. A automated timer for you to set up and make organized schedules for your machines can not only save you power and water but also precious oxygen 

Water generator: so we have the hydrolizer which turns water into precious oxygen and toxic but useful hydrogen when if you could reverse that and turn hydrogen and some extra oxygen into some clean water 

Space helmets: in the loading screen you can see a dupes helmet cracked wide open leaking oxygen this leads to to believe we might get some space helmets to safely submerge underwater or explore toxic environments like bleached areas 

stasis pods: when all goes south you can place all your dupes in theses cyrogenic pods that will put them in a state of stasis so they can survive while your robots rebuild.this will need some water and electricity which I can solve 

Robots:these artificial being will do one task that it's made to do for example: cook bots can only cook and construction bots can only dig and build they will need to be charged every night like how dupes need to sleep. They don't need to eat or breath 

hydro dam: build a dam that will in take water to make electricity and pour out all of the water after so no water is lost 

vacuum machine:have that one room your trying to quarantine due to a contamination or your entire place is filled with co2 well the vacuum will continue to your place dry of any form of gas unless a area is sealed by a airlock. This will work better than a air pump because it will continue to suck regardless of air pressure of how much gas is in the air. Make sure the outlet of the vacuum I has a large enough structure to house all the gases. After a while your area will be considered as a vacuum until you start gas production again 


if you agree with this keep it trending so the devs might look and consider it Thanks for reading 

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Air pumps could always do that, it just takes a long time because of how slow the gas moves. Adding a new "stronger" pump wouldn't do anything to the pumping speed because the current air pump already sucks until its a vacuum around it and its waiting for gas to flow into the vacuum before it can suck again.

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On my first attempt i am up to Cycle 150. I had some very sketchy moments at 100 stress, poisoned water supply, almost ran out of O2, almost ran out of food. So much clinging on and holding out until i eventually got a good recycling system setup through water. I don't know how the average is 30 days? Am i just a god gamer or something? I went into the game with no prior knowledge...

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