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Partners in Crime: Beating the Metheus Puzzle

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2 minutes ago, Astroknot said:

So... did you guys complete it again? If so, what happened?

Not much... it seems Obelisk glows red on some parts after you beat the first.... After you beat the second... nothing? No skin in-game, either. Perhaps we're waiting on an update. 


Unless this glowing red writing on the big mural is new? In which case, woo, boring stuff

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1 minute ago, Cherryzion said:

Do the tiles on both screens need to match up? 



Both type in code in order.


How me and Carl did it:

Me: Move TR to TL

Carl: R (Ready)
Me: R (Ready)

*both click when we see the signal*


So we both got the same move and pressed it close to sync it.


We learned it has a timer or something that resets it if you fail too often, apparently.

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