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  1. Hey.

    So I'm back, just temporarily, because I've been wanting to apologize for leaving without reason, and as well for the times I feel that I sorta came off as somewhat rude, arrogant, and/or demanding. 

    Honestly, looking back on this profile I don't really see "Astroknot" as me anymore. I only ever went by the name on the Klei Forums, so maybe that's one reason, and also because I feel like I've changed a lot since my brief time here on the forums as well.

    Anyways, I came back to say that I'm sorry if I left anyone wondering about why I left, but if I remember part of the reason was that I just lost interest in Don't Starve (I've regained interest since then but that's besides the point), and the major reason is actually that I started to feel like I came off as somewhat rude towards some in the past in "Suggestions & Feedback", and quite demanding towards the devs with my "Shipwrecked Characters" threads, and eventually kinda felt like I just wanted to start all over on a new profile (never did in the end by the way).

    Not too long after, I just gave up on this profile, moved on, and continued to lurk the forums as a anonymous user like I had before making this account. Now I know that the people I am trying to apologize to here will likely never see this, and the people who will won't understand why I feel like I must apologize, but I've needed to clear my mind about this for some time now so that's why I'm here.

    To end off, I'm truly sorry to anyone who I may have come off as rude and/or demanding towards, and while the posts I remember making of this nature are seemingly not showing up on my profile as with many of my other posts, I feel I must apologize anyway as I think its the right thing to do.

    This will be the last thing I likely will post under this name. While it's entirely possible I will come back to these forums someday under a new name, It would likely be just for posting bug reports like I was originally using this account for.

    Anyway that's it I guess, bye to all who I had interacted with here during my brief time on these here forums, and I wish you all farewell.

    The End.

  2. Looks new. Someone would have mentioned it already if it was old, and I haven't seen anyone mention this. EDIT: This also lines up with the fact that "beemine_maxwell" and "trap_teeth_maxwell" are back in the files, looks like adventure mode is gonna be a thing in multiplayer everyone! Apparently It was just an old line from when adventure mode first came out according to @alainmcd... false alarm...
  3. Incoming PVP update confirmed*. *Not really.
  4. I'm sadly not very amused by the floppy miner hat... I'm disappointed.
  5. I've heard you can use Steam CD codes with DST PS4 and it'll work and give you the skins... though if you have the codes then obviously you don't need to play on PS4 so... yeah.
  6. I'd want specific character VS specific character battle-crys along side a PVP update, it would be fitting to add at the same time, and could show the connections between the characters more.
  7. I should really just go with what my mind believes first shouldn't I? I looked up rose spear on Google and didn't find anything so I just thought I dreamt it or something...
  8. I was wrong, theres no rose collection spear skin, I was apparently thinking of the mini-monument-themed torch. Mystery solved. Nevermind I was right the first time lol.
  9. Couldn't you just give them out through a universal code or something instead? Or as player-specific codes with the retail release?
  10. Wasn't there a rose spear or something? Or am I wrong? If so, that's probably what V2C meant by "skin(s)". Regardless I don't really see the point in bothering about making spear skins compatible with the staves, but they did it so that's that I guess. Would've preferred some Willow rebalances instead, or even werebeaver tweaks.
  11. To me, Rose Collection doesn't really have too many great skins in it. The characters either didn't change enough to justify a skin (Wendy), look to similar to a previous skin(s) (Wolfgang's Rose looks like a amalgamation of his formal and triumphant skins & Webber's Rose is almost identical to his Survivor), or just look awful (I'm just talking about Wes here). WX-78's is also sort of mediocre in my opinion, though at least its unique and I'm not a big fan of Maxwells either. Wilson & Woodie are probably the best of the bunch, with Wigfrid & Wickerbottom after them. Willows kind of in the middle ground. I think its alright, but its being overhyped, it really isn't that great. Of course this is all my opinion, so you could think differently, these are just my thoughts on it.
  12. Yes, the Classic DST preset apparently disables RoG biomes. I read a lot of semi-useless info about this game, that's how I know.
  13. What does the "Timeless" rarity mean?
  14. Also someone make a new puzzle thread! We don't want to clutter this thread do we?
  15. So many things that never happened... PVP rebalances, Willow rebalances, Woodie tweaks, Rose Collection, Winona... BUT HEY ALL THAT DOES NOT MATTER WE GOT A NEW PUZZLE!!!
  16. R.I.P Winona 2017-2017 Atleast I found a new profile image...
  17. Tomorrow might be W____a's reveal! I know that I thought it was gonna be last week, but it has to be this week for sure! (Or at the very least we get a big update, that would be good too.)
  18. Not exactly nothing, in the comments Klei mentions that they're looking at doing brand new Don't Starve Alone content, more Shipwrecked content perhaps? (Walani & Warly might finally get the buffs they deserve!)
  19. No I think I would rather just wait till Thursday plus I have no clue what a "discord" is.