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  1. Basically title. I made this as a counterpart to the "Whats your favorite Dont Starve mob?" thread. Oh, and here is the link to the aforementioned thread: Here is the list of all the mobs I dislike, in order.
  2. Slurpers

  3. In my opinion, I find the Bat Bat a great idea for a weapon, but has a poorly thought out crafting recipe & durability count. The thing cost me 5 bat wings, which already aren't super easy to come by if luck isn't on your side, 2 Living Logs, which I could be using to make two of an infinitely better weapon, the Dark Sword, and 1 purple gem, which are easy to get late-game but can be a struggle early-mid game. Basically, its a weapon with a high material cost, with horrible durability. I see two ways to fix this; 1. Lower the Bat Bat's cost and keep the durability the same. Or... 2. Keep the recipe the same, and buff the durability (and perhaps lower the sanity loss) Either of these would make the item worth it in my opinion. Though I'd also like that if they went with method two they'd change it to just costing 1 living log instead of two, and with method one I'd like the crafting recipe I pointed out in my previous post of 4x Bat Wings, 4x Twigs,1x purple gem.
  4. So as for ideas to buff the items that are commonly considered "useless", here are my ideas: * Dapper Vest - 3.3 sanity per minute > 6.67 sanity per minute (Tam O' Shanter level) * Rain Hat - 70% water protection > 90/80% water protection, maybe give it a sanity aura? * Bat Bat - 5x Bat Wings, 2x Living Logs, 1x purple gem and 75 durability > 4x Bat Wings, 4x Twigs/1x Living Log, 2x/1x purple gem and 100 durability * Pick/Axe - Buff it to be twice at efficient at work instead of just 33% better, this way its comparable to the Obsidian Axe, and I guess you could buff its crafting cost if it seems to overpowered, maybe make it sap sanity or something, although doing that can be considered buffing it further... * Insulated Pack - Give it the ability to regulate your characters temperature depending on what season it is; I think it should be Rabbit Earmuffs/Fashion Melon level as that would be a good enough value to have it still be a help but not outright replace insulating clothing and thermal stones. Also make it fire-proof. It still wouldn't be an amazing item, but it should be good enough for use at least before you beat Bee Queen and get bundling wraps.
  5. I use the Insulated Pack, its not bad. Though I don't use backpacks that much anymore so that's likely why I'm not bothered by the -2 slots... I just think its nice for long spelunking trips or times I'll be exploring for a long time. I even use the One-Man-Band though... The only things I find totally useless are; Night Light, Bat Bat, Pick/Axe, and Dapper Vest. The Ice Cube is an easy to make summer item that can be repaired easily, I personally don't see it as absolutely useless, though you will need a cane to use it effectively due to the speed loss. Fashion Melon is meant as the Rabbit Earmuffs of summer items, so I don't count it as useless.
  6. That makes sense.
  7. ANNOUNCE_CANFIX = "\nIt'd be a pleasure to fix it.", Does this have to do with Winona at all? Or is this just a general unused quote? This was in Winona's speech files, I'm wondering whether or not it has to do with her, as of now unrevealed, perks.
  8. They would not have to mess with the drop rates too much if they just made the trade inn worth while. Then having lots of commons would be more of a blessing then a curse. I mean they should modify the drop rates a little bit (making classy slightly more common for example), but making the trade inn worth it would be most influential, especially for people with lots of commons they don't want like Purple Lumberjack Shirts.
  9. There's hope, in the form of a YouTube comment Klei made about a month ago on a reupload of their DST trailer: Whether or not this is continued development on SW (which to me is the likely case), or something all new, is unknown.
  10. Well, then I guess false alarm then...
  11. Looks new. Someone would have mentioned it already if it was old, and I haven't seen anyone mention this. EDIT: This also lines up with the fact that "beemine_maxwell" and "trap_teeth_maxwell" are back in the files, looks like adventure mode is gonna be a thing in multiplayer everyone! Apparently It was just an old line from when adventure mode first came out according to @alainmcd... false alarm...
  12. Incoming PVP update confirmed*. *Not really.
  13. It can involve anything from making a bad typo to buying nome breakfast, basically you can apparently get one for doing just about anything. Except asking.
  14. I guess... just a random question but actually has anyone gone back to being a "Junior Member"? That would be a cool title being the only Junior Member that has more then a 100 posts, then you'd have bragging rights above even Senior Members! I'd go back to being a "Junior Member" just for that, of course that is if @JoeW would grant it.
  15. Its true, just tried it myself. I wonder what it could be for? I'm thinking its just a prank from the devs though, as if nothing else changed this is probably the case. EDIT: I'm now apparently a "Senior Member", I'd rather have a unique title though, too many people have this one.
  16. I'm sadly not very amused by the floppy miner hat... I'm disappointed.
  17. I've heard you can use Steam CD codes with DST PS4 and it'll work and give you the skins... though if you have the codes then obviously you don't need to play on PS4 so... yeah.
  18. I'd want specific character VS specific character battle-crys along side a PVP update, it would be fitting to add at the same time, and could show the connections between the characters more.
  19. @V2C juicy berry bush hat when?
  20. I should really just go with what my mind believes first shouldn't I? I looked up rose spear on Google and didn't find anything so I just thought I dreamt it or something...
  21. I was wrong, theres no rose collection spear skin, I was apparently thinking of the mini-monument-themed torch. Mystery solved. Nevermind I was right the first time lol.
  22. Couldn't you just give them out through a universal code or something instead? Or as player-specific codes with the retail release?